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Past Collaborations:

- Bella Aurora Cosmetics - Product Review
                                          - Product Review

- Revlon - Product Review

- Lolitas&L - Outfit post

- Frezyderm - Haul post

- Cabuxa - Outfit post
                - Product Review
                - Outfit post

- Sensilis - Product Review
                - Product Review
                - Blogger event

- Farfetch - Recommendations post

- Gala Group Hairdresser - Blogger event

- Martiderm Cosmetics - First impressions post

- Farmacia Rego Lodos - Haul post
                                       - Haul post
                                       - Haul post
                                       - Product Review
                                       - First impressions post
                                       - First impressions post

- Stage Line Cosmetics - Product review
                                      - Product review

- NARS Cosmetics - Haul post and review

- Rizzola Cosmetics SL - Factory visit and haul post

- Caudalie - First impressions post

- Nuxe - First impressions post

- IKEA Coruña - Getting to know IKEA and Nipprig Limited Edition collection post
                          - Giltig collection post

- IX Blogger Breakfast Coruña - Vlog and haul video
                                                   - Blogger Breakfast post

- Miss Maruja Coffee and More -Vlog and haul video
                                                   - Blogger Breakfast post

- Me Luna - Vlog and haul video
                  - Blogger Breakfast post

- Cuquinadas - Vlog and haul video
                      - Blogger Breakfast post

- Free Farma - Vlog and haul video
                      - Blogger Breakfast post

Disclaimer: The items have been purchased by myself and those that have been sent for review will be marked with a * In any case I will always express my own personal opinion and experience regardless of how I have obtained the products.

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