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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I really should've reviewed this set before Christmas as it would be a perfect gift. Nevertheless I wanted to show you this great set as you can still buy it and gift it to yourself! Have a look.

The highly popular Glamglow has released this lovely gift set of three of their most popular masks. It includes a full size Thirsty Mud, a half size YouthMud and a half size SuperMud. Glamglow is quite pricey but in this set you get two half size masks plus a full size for the price of that single large one, which I think is a really great deal!

ThirstyMud is full size and it's supposed to help dry skin. It's calming and provides lots of moisture which is perfect for dehydrated skin.

SuperMud is very well known as it's perfect for clearing pores and helping treat breakouts. I'm really looking forward to trying this out when I have a bad breakout to experience the full benefits.

YouthMud isn't new to me as I have already used it many times before, it's a clearing and exfoliating mask and I love it. Your skin feels completely renewed and soft after using it and it's got a strange tingling sensation while you have it on your skin.

I know it may seem crazy to spend a lot of money on masks, but these masks by Glamglow really do an excellent job, they aren't only for pampering, they also treat your skin. I will be reviewing each of them fully once I have had the chance to try them several times.

If you get the chance to buy this set I really suggest you pick it up because it's a great way to try the different masks and it's great value for money. I have still seen it for sale in Sephora so you may still be able to buy it!

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