It's Skin Babyface Silky BB Cream Review

Monday, March 07, 2016

Korean makeup brands are great at two things: packaging and skincare. Today I'd like to show you an affordable Bb cream which promises silky skin like a baby's face! Yay!

The Koreans were the first to get BB creams into fashion, they were supposed to be creams with a bit of colour but also providing hydration and sunscreen. An all-in-one in a way. 
I have to say that Occidental versions of bb creams tend to be a little disappointing so I love trying the proper ones like this one. 
The first thing that stands out is the cute packaging. Babyface cosmetics is the more affordable line for teenagers so that's why we get the uber-cute faces on the tube. I'm happy with that as I love cuteness although I can't imagine being a makeup artist and having a case of makeup with faces and pastel colours. lol. 
Ingredients and Use
BB creams are supposed to offer a bit of coverage and colour to the skin but without giving a mask, it's supposed to make skin look smoother and pores appear smaller. 

This Bb cream contains beneficial ingredients such as:
  • Peach Extract: rich in vitamin E antioxidants and provides moisture
  • Lemon Balm Leaf Extract: calming, antiviral, antibacterial and rich in antioxidants
  • Apple Extract: anti aging and antioxidant. 
It also provides SPF36 sunscreen protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. 
I have to say that I was a little disappointed as it doesn't seem to blend easily at first. It tends to sit on the skin and cling to dry patches, but if you work it well with a buffing brush or beauty blender it ends up working. 

I find it best to apply with your fingers as the body warmth helps blend the BB cream and you can reach all areas. 
Finish and Lasting Power
There are two versions of this BB cream: Moisture and Silky, this last one is supposed to be for combination to oily skin like mine so I find it handles it quite well. 
I have to say that after a couple of hours my pores are more visible and I do get a bit of shine, nothing to be worried about but it doesn't stand out as the best BB cream for oily skin. 

If you have drier skin you will have to try the other version as this one will enhance dry patches. 
It's also meant to make pores look more invisible but I didn't notice that effect at all, not like other BB creams I've tried. 

The finish is silky and looks like porcelain, which is very good, coverage is quite light and as t's difficult to work with I wouldn't suggest layering it. Another issue is that there is only one shade available and I think on medium to dark skin it would be impossible to use!
I absolutely love the packaging on this BB cream but I have to say I was a little disappointed with application. As for the finish and lasting power it is quite average, I suppose I shouldn't expect much from a low-cost bb cream aimed at teenagers. 

I keep thinking that teenagers usually have problematic skin and this bb cream doesn't offer much in terms of coverage or shades so I can't imagine it being useful other than on almost perfect skin!

Do you ever use BB creams? Which is your favourite?

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