A new year, what will it hold?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hello everyone, I'm back from spending my Christmas holidays in the UK with my family and it's now a new year!

I cannot believe what a year it has been, I thought 2017 would be hard to beat, but 2018 has been by far the most important year of my life!

They say motherhood changes you, and although I pretty much had a good idea of what it could be like, it has still changed me. But not in a bad way, in fact I feel much more complete and purposeful, as if that's what I was always meant to do in life. 
Astrid has put everything into perspective and has changed the way time passes completely. In some strange way time is paused with her, I rock her to sleep in the dark singing nursery rhymes and when I remember to look at my watch over half an hour has passed! And yet other times I sit at work, wondering what she's doing without me, and every time I look at my watch only a couple of minutes have gone by. 

Not only that, but I find it harder to spend money on things like lipsticks and t-shirts when I have another thirty sitting at home unused. And yet I still love shopping and dreaming about luxury handbags, I'm still me. 

It has also become pretty difficult to plan things. Even though Astrid is incredibly well-behaved and has a great schedule, it seems more difficult to complete my lists of things to do, or plan almost anything. Sometimes I plan to take some photos for the blog and I can't because she wants to sleep, or I don't feel like it, or I forget. Funnily enough I don't seem to mind that I can't adhere to any plans I make in my head. 

I honestly thought it would be very difficult to carry on blogging and youtubing once the baby was here, but I have to admit that most of the time when I have some free time I don't really feel like doing it. 
Youtube has been hit worse, simply because recording needs to be done in one sitting and preferably during the day and editing takes much longer. Blogging on the other hand can be done in the evening and I can start and stop whenever I have a moment. 

I am actually pretty impressed that I have been able to keep up with my blog and instagram in some fashion, and I hope to carry on doing so more seriously in 2018. Funnily enough I've had more offers of collaborations now that I spend less time worrying about the blogosphere and social media. 

It has been an awesome year and I've learnt so much, I am now strongly opinionated about certain things and I've changed the way I feel about others. My plan was to carry on with my usual topics of fashion and beauty, but a couple of mummy-related things seem to have slipped into the blog. Would you like me to talk from time to time about things baby-related? Would that be products, experiences, or would you prefer me to keep baby things casual and on instagram only?

Thank you ever so much for your continued support. I have certainly changed and evolved over the years and it is nice to have you with me on this journey!

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  1. It´s a pleasure to read you again! I wish you great experiences this year!
    New post: 5 benefits of silk pillowcases to enhance your beauty

  2. You can only try your best and make use of the time that you have. We all start out with 24 hours in a day and we all fill that time up differently> prioritize and enjoy life!

    Heba xx
    The Heba


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