Skinceuticals AOX+ Eye Gel Review

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

I haven't done a beauty review in a long time!! I have been so worried about showing you my summery outfits that I have been postponing it!
Luckily I'm back today with a truly great eye gel for tired and aging eyes

Skinceuticals AOX Eye Gel is a serum in a gel which is supposed to prevent sings of aging and also correct existing damage. When used regularly it will combat signs of fatigue, reduce the appearance of puffiness and leave your undereye area looking young and vibrant!

Its main interesting ingredients are 1% Phloretin, 5% Vitamin C and 0.5% Ferulic Acid which are antioxidants;  Ruscus Aculeatus and caffeine. It doesn't contain parabens, perfume or mineral oil.
The three antioxidants help combat free radical damage so will improve the signs of aging and the other two ingredients counteract puffiness and dark circles.

I used to use this product incorrectly as I was applying it at night (the serum in gel thing confused me) but the instructions state you should use half a pump on each eye area in the morning. I use it below the eyes and brow bone, not too close to the eye of course.
As the name suggests it is a silky gel which applies smoothly and absorbs really quickly.

I have to say that it is my best friend for my tired looking eyes. Now that I am a mummy undereye circles are common and I take a little less care of my skin (be it forgetfulness or tiredness). This gel really has kept my eye area looking brighter and younger with barely any effort.

It is a pricey product at £75.00 for 15 ml, but if you want something which gives you instant effects while also combating signs of aging this could be the product for you!  

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