Controlling my hair with Hårkontroll Deep Intense Hydrating Mask and Hairshine Boosting Spray

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Lately my hair has been super frizzy, sometimes it can be the weather but I could feel it was dry and unkempt. I went to the hairdresser for a hair cut but the hairdresser agreed that the hair was lacklustre and needing deep hydration.

I was over the moon when I received this set of products from Hårkontroll. This luxurious haircare brand is well known for its dietary supplements for hair and nails and I couldn't wait to try out their hydrating hair mask and shine spray.

Hårkontroll Deep Intense Hydrating Mask
The hair mask was the product I knew deep down my hair needed, most of the frizziness was probably due to a lack of hydration and this hair mask not only moisturizes but also counteracts frizzy and static hair

It contains wonderful oils such as castor oil and argan oil which give new shine while also nurturing.  It also has phytantriol to strengthen, panthenthol which improves elasticity, shea butter which gives shine. All these ingredients provide moisture and allantoin soothes irritable scalp. It couldn't be a more wonderful combination!

The best way to use it is to leave it at least 5 minutes on clean damp hair. I like to massage it into the scalp while I dance a little in the shower and I use it twice a week as my hair needed a good boost. It should be used at least once a week for best results and it can be used on all types of hair

Since I have started using the Hårkontroll Deep Intense Hydrating Mask I went back to the hairdresser for a blow dry and she actually noticed it was much better and hydrated. I was very impressed because I had only been using it for a couple of weeks!

Hårkontroll Hairshine Boosting Spray

Don't let the name fool you, it isn't just a spray to make your hair look glossy, it's actually a leave-in conditioner that also counteracts frizziness, dull hair and protects it from drying, straightening, colouring, weather and wind!

Just like the hair mask it also contains castor oil which is well known for improving hair growth, argan oil which is famous for making hair shiny; phanthenthol as a moisturizer and to improve elasticity; phytantriol which makes the hair softer and allantoin to soothe the scalp. This spray also contains collagen protein which increases elasticity, moisture and strength.

I have been loving this spray, it's so easy to leave in your towel-dried hair after washing it and let it work its magic. Curly, fine blond hair isn't the shiniest in the best days but I have really noticed a nice shine specially when I straighten it.

I think it has also been helping the overall hydrating effect using both products as I can use this spray every time I wash my hair. I don't always have time to wait 5 minutes with the mask on, that's what it's like being a mum, so I know at least the leave-on boosting spray will be doing its job keeping my hair soft, shiny and frizz-free.

Do you have a problem with frizzy hair?

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