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Thursday, July 23, 2020

I hadn’t bought any new items of jewellery for a long time. For some reason lately I had only picked up a few cheap bits and bobs on offer from clothes shops, but after yet another pair of earrings had left my ears all black I decided to get something of better quality. 

I love having statement jewellery for certain occasions, but fine jewellery is the one I always choose when I want something of higher quality. Designs that I know will last a lifetime and will always look good with a variety of looks. 

Taffeit is an online jewellery shop which offers a great variety of pieces in silver, gold and stainless steel, as well as watches, brooches and gifts for infants. They have an outlet section and regular offers so it’s worth keeping an eye because you can find some nice things. 

I was about to buy some basic silver chains to combine with some lose pendants I have, but I have to admit that in the end I fell in love with the large variety of silver earrings they have in Joyería Taffeit. 

The earrings I liked the most were the most delicate and sweet-looking ones, they have all sorts of designs but there stars with a hoop seemed really cute and timeless. 

If you are allergic to costume jewellery or silver you can take a look at the section that sells stainless steel because they’re great quality and they’re beautiful sets. Following the star theme I chose a set of earrings and pendant with stars and sparkles. Obviously it was my daughter’s favourite as it’s such a stunning set, it would be perfect as a gift!

Finally the last item I chose I had wanted to try for a long time: an ear cuff! This time I chose a silver one with gold plating, at a great price. I wasn’t sure it would be comfortable but as you can adjust it I wore it all day without any issues, and it has never fallen off either. I think it adds a special touch without having to get new piercings.

The order came quickly, each set in its own little box and they also sent me a discount code for the next purchase. Not only that, as you shop you get points which are saved for future purchases!

I’m super happy with my new jewels, I’ve already got my eye on a few more pieces from Joyería Taffeit and on top of that they have summer discounts on silver, you get 20% with the code VERANO20. Don’t miss this opportunity and pick something up! Tell me if you see anything you like!

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