What to do an evening sightseeing in London

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On my last trip to England not only did I visit my brother briefly but I also spent a couple of days in London with my friends. They got there on Saturday and by the time we had picked them up and checked in our hotel it was quite late, so the first day we spent the evening out around central London.
We hadn't bought our Oyster cards yet so we decided to walk from Victoria Station, where our hotel was, to the centre. I took lots of photos along the way and I thought I'd share them with you.
We soon found out it was extremely cold and even though it was snowing heavily where I live in Spain, it was a lot windier in London so we actually felt colder!

We then headed to Covent Garden to have a look around the different stalls and shops which were still open. I love the buzz in this place and this evening was no exception, there were many shoppers and tourists about. 
They even had a large metal structure with the word "LOVE" and people were leaving a donation in exchange for the opportunity to place a lock. I thought it was a very sweet idea!
We were so cold after the long walk that we decided to spend a little time in Starbucks, warming up with a nice Chai Latte (I'm now officially obsessed with this drink haha). Amazingly enough we bumped into a Spanish girl from our town in Spain who was a friend of my boyfriend and was living in London! The world is such a small place!

After warming up and recharging our batteries we decided to walk to Trafalgar Square to take some photos and after that we headed to Piccadilly Circus to see the lights of the different buildings and signs at night. 
I loved taking all these photos at night and our friend who had never been to London was suitably impressed. I think it was a nice way to show him London for the first time, although he was frozen!

We finally decided it was time to head back to the hotel and go to bed at a reasonable time or we'd be really tired the next day. 
On the way back we walked along Riverbank and I was able to take these impressive photos of the now red London Eye and the Big Ben in the dark. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our little evening outing, have you ben on the London Eye?

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