IX Blogger Breakfast A Coruña

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Saturday I had the chance to attend the IX Blogger Breakfast. I got to talk to some lovely bloggers and you tubers and we were shown some lovely beauty, fashion and healthcare products. I'll be telling you all about this great meet-up and what we got to try.
I'm extremely excited to have had the chance to attend this blogger event. The lovely Lidia from Babycosmetics organizes these meet-ups and this was the 9th edition. They take place in A Coruña which is a city an hour away from where I live, and each time they choose a different venue to have breakfast.

Miss Maruja
This time we met in a lovely cafeteria called Miss Maruja. The place was a great choice because the mood was just right! The cafeteria is decorated with vintage items, DIY and we were placed in a cute corner of the venue so we could have our privacy. 
The breakfast was incredible! First we were offered a hot drink and we had so much to choose from, they even catered for lactose intolerant so each girl chose what they preferred. They also had a selection of home made natural juices, they were unsweetened so it was great to have such a yummy healthy option!

As for the food, we were offered such a wide selection! There were home-made sponge cakes, croissants, muffins, toast...it was very hard to resist and I tried quite a few different things. They were all incredibly tasty. 

Me Luna
After we had settled down with our breakfast and after a small chat amongst ourselves the kind Natalia from Me Luna gave her presentation of the menstrual cups. 
I have to admit I didn't know much about them and I was a little apprehensive but she explained everything in detail and taught us how they were used and all the benefits. I was surprised to hear they're better for our health than regular tampons and that they can be used for a longer period of time. 

She had 10 cups to giveaway but my name wasn't drawn so I can't tell you much more about the menstrual cup itself as I didn't purchase one. I didn't take the plunge as I'm happy with tampons and wasn't sure it would be comfortable and convenient to use.

After stuffing our faces with more cake we were given a cute paper bag by the online company Cuquinadas. They sell handmade jewellery and accessories which have a cute and minimalist style. 
The bag contained a beautiful packet of sweets and a different bracelet for each of us. I got a silver coloured star and as you can see it's incredibly cute and stylish. 

The online shop sells all sorts of beautiful things and the price is incredibly affordable, I saw so many things I liked! They can also personalize your gift if you get in touch with Silvia, the designer and founder of Cuquinadas. I really recommend you visit their page!

Free Farma
Finally we were introduced to Free Farma Europa which is a pharmaceutical lab which provides not only their own products but other sanitary, pediatric, nutritional and cosmetic brands. You can place orders online easily so it's a great place to purchase these makes.

We were very grateful to Free Farma for giving us a set of face masks by the German make Schaebens to try out. We each got 4 masks to try out: Cleansing, Moisturizing, Anti Aging and Dead Sea mud mask. 
I haven't tried any yet but they can be used twice (except the Dead Sea mud mask) so they have two places to break open which is a great idea. I'll tell you how I get on with them!

I couldn't end this post without mentioning the other lovely bloggers and youtubers who were at the breakfast. They're a lovely group of girls who have been incredibly kind to me and I'd love it if you could visit their webpages. 
They'll also be writing their own posts on the IX Blogger Breakfast so you can read a different point of view!

- Irene Medín La Gordita Presumida
- María José The Style Of
- Alba AlgebaMakeup
- Julia JulyaPepry
- Martinha Candies Closet
- Carlota Miss Lottie BOX
- Paula Nocturnella
- Fanny Fanny Looks
- Bibiana Preppybibiana
- Renata Yoenminube
- Jasmine For a Real Woman
- Pilar Coolsilkara

The photographer Denia Priegue was also there to take photos of us, although I have used my own.

I'm so happy to have attended this event and I'm really looking forward to the next Blogger Breakfast! I'd like to thank Lidia from Babycosmetics for organizing the event and for the companies which took part.

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