Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation review

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm really excited to show you one of my all-time favourite foundations. I won't beat around the bush and keep my verdict for the end of the post because if you've known me for a while and watched my videos you'll know that I favour this foundation. 

I had heard Amelia Liana rave about this foundation, and as there isn't a counter near where I live in the UK and definitely not in Spain when I got the chance I decided to try it out. We spent the day in Birmingham so I got the chance to go to the Giorgio Armani counter. I sent my boyfriend for a walk while I had a good look. 

The girl at the counter was super helpful and she tried the foundation on me so I was able to see exactly what it would look like. The shade range is pretty impressive so I was excited to look for the perfect shade for my skin. Let's get into the deep analysis of this foundation:
You'll have to excuse the battered box but I've had the foundation for quite a while so it's a little worse for wear. The box is very sleek and luxurious and the foundation bottle inside is beautiful. 
It's frosted glass with a black lid that has the little GA symbol. It's a gorgeous bottle to display if you've got a pretty vanity (I wish!) although as it's glass it could break. 

It comes with a pump which dispenses a good amount for a light coverage. Two pumps will give you an almost medium coverage. I like that it includes a pump, it's very convenient. 

It isn't a very runny foundation, it seems to be just average, so it's easy to work with. I have applied it using different methods such as my fingers, a buffing brush or a stippling brush. 
The foundation is supposed to be oil-free but it contains silicones which you must take into account if you are sensitive to them, the silicones make it very smooth to apply and it acts like a primer.

It doesn't have SPF which is great for photography but you will have to apply other form of SPF before. It has some alcohol and fragrance but the latter isn't very noticeable, I thought I'd mention it though. 
Coverage and Finish
I really like the coverage of this foundation because it provides light to medium coverage. I've tried using my fingers to sheer it out for a very natural finish and I've also used a thick buffing brush to get a medium coverage. It performs well in all situations. 

The finish is absolutely stunning. Everytime I wear it I look like a porcelain doll and even my boyfriend has commented even though he has no idea what I'm wearing or that I even use foundation haha!
It has a satin finish and is supposed to be luminous as the name suggests. I have oily skin and I love the finish, it isn't too wet, it's just very much like real skin. It's supposed to have skin-blurring technology and I have to agree that it looks like I've applied a filter, my pores and fine lines seem almost invisible. 
It's not the most long-lasting foundation on my oily skin. It's gorgeous for around 5 hours and then gets a bit shiny on my t-zone. It doesn't break down altogether or look sweaty but I have to take it into account when I expect a long day and I want to look perfect. 

If your skin is dry or normal this probably won't be a problem and you'll love the dewiness. I keep this foundation for special events but if I want a long-lasting matte look I need to powder or blot later in the day.

Shade range
One of my favourite things is that I got to try out the foundation so I have the perfect shade. I often buy foundations online as I don't have counters nearby so it's easy to get the wrong shade.
There is a wide range of colours available, which is unusual for a luxury designer brand, so this is great. I really suggest you try it out first, I'd always suggest that but in this case you have plenty of shades to choose from. 
I really love this foundation. It isn't the most long-lasting but it's the one with the finish I like the most. It looks very natural and yet photographs beautifully, almost as if I've been photoshopped. 
I don't like a completely matte finish so the luminosity to this foundation looks like skin, I want people to think I look healthy and beautiful, not that my makeup looks good. 

It isn't a cheap foundation at £36.50 but I would definitely buy it again if it ran out. If you have oily skin and expect longevity from your foundations give it a try before you buy, but I really love how it looks and I keep it for special events!

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