Beauty and Skincare Haul from Rego Lodos Pharmacy

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Details are incredibly important. Sometimes we forget the importance and we only worry about the end result, but when you come across something or someone who is very careful with the little things you realize you're onto something really really good!
Let me show you the contents of a box which will be great for me!

I live in quite a small city called Lugo, and I must say that we're a little lacking in makeup and beauty. Perhaps it's more of a sensation than a reality, as we don't have any of the big names such as department stores or Sephora. But that doesn't mean that there aren't companies trying to make a difference, and Rego Lodos Pharmacy is one of them.
I remember the first time I went in, it's on a street quite far from where I live, it's a modern and nicely kept pharmacy. While I was queueing to buy some medicine I noticed that they had Bioderma! At the time it was very difficult to get a hold of and I couldn't believe that they had it in a pharmacy in Lugo. Needless to say I bought it immediately!
Recently I have been to the pharmacy a few times to get medicine for my animals and I noticed again they have a lot of high end cosmetic brands. And I was most curious to find out they have their own line of skincare.
Today I'm going to show you the contents of this amazing cosmetics box from Rego Lodos pharmacy, they're all for sale in their store and you'll see they're very interesting. 
When I opened the cardboard box marked with their name I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was all wrapped in sophisticated coloured paper. This was the first of many details. 
It also came with a little pink bow with the name of the pharmacy and the lovely phrase "Today is a good day to smile". I love motivational sentences and I think it was a nice touch for them to include it in the box, who doesn't like to be cheered?
Now let me show you the contents of the box:

Nuxe is a Parisian cosmetics brand founded in the 90s and offers a wide range of treatments based on pharmaceutical foundations. You already know I love their lip balm, you can read all about the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in my full review.
I'm really dying to try this face mask which is supposed to clear pores, exfoliate and reduce excess sebum production. All these are points that are very interesting to me as I have oily skin and very large pores. 

Darphin is another well known French pharmacy brand, even older than the last one, which insists in being meticulous and rigorous in the development of their products.
This revitalizing oil combines vegetable and essential oils to instantly nourish the skin and hair. I love oils and they're great even for oily skin, even though you may think that's impossible!

I'm very excited to try the pharmacy's own line of products, made in Italy with essential ingredients to be the most effective. I think it's great that the pharmacy is selling products specially formulated to combat our cosmetic problems.
This gel contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to provide intensive moisture and anti-aging effects. something which I'm interested in as I want to keep my skin as young as possible and it's important to use quality products. I'll tell you how I get on!
I'll start to try all these products that have been perfectly chosen for my skin type and worries. As you can see, pharmacies know what they're selling and they've taken care of every little detail. Oh! Even the wrapping paper was fragranced and now the whole room smells amazing! They've been very thoughtful!

Thank you Rego Lodos Pharmacy for the chance to try out these products! 

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