First impressions on some of the MartiDerm range of products

Monday, February 29, 2016

The other day I had the opportunity to try out my first potent vitamin C treatment thanks to MartiDerm. I would like to tell you my first impressions on this anti aging treatment.

I cannot believe I hadn't tried anything by this brand before, they were the first to create the Proteoglycan and Vitamin C ampules in 1989 and they sell thousands of these ampules daily in Spain.

Vitamin C has amazing benefits for the skin so I couldn't wait to try their Skin Complex ampules which have the highest concentration of Proteoglycans and Vitamin C.
The girl working for MartiDerm cleansed my face first and talked to me about the brand and some of their different products. She then applied the MartiDerm Expression Eye and Lip Contour around my eyes and brow bones, it is like a thin serum which is quickly absorbed.
As I was chatting to her I told her about my sun spots and she recommended the MartiDerm DSP-Cover SPF50 which is a camouflage stick to help lighten the hyper-pigmentation and protect from further sun damage. I thought it was a great idea and I can't wait to try it out and tell you if it's a useful thing to take in your handbag!
She decided to do a soft peeling on my skin, using the MartiDerm Alfa-Peeling Ampule. This is a chemical peel, thanks to the Alpha-Hydroxiacids, but it also contains Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to leave skin hydrated and supple.
This peeling is suitable for all skin types, doesn't contain parabens and has been designed to be used in the evening after cleansing.

After that she applied the MartiDerm Skin Complex+ ampule on my dry face, it also feels like a serum but as it dried out it seemed to firm the skin and it tingled a little bit. Not all skin can tolerate Vitamin C and it can take some getting used to, but I didn't find the tingling unpleasant.
The best was the effect on the skin the following day. My skin was visibly firmer and seemed to have a lit-from-within radiance. I thought my skin looked so bright and glowing that I decided not to wear any foundation at all the next day.
I put on some blush, lipstick and did my eye makeup and I went around the whole day without a drop of foundation or BB cream and it looked absolutely lovely!

I cannot wait to try out the rest of the ampules I have got so that I can give you more of a detailed opinion and long-term effects. I think it's the perfect treatment to use before the wedding to have firmer and beautiful skin!

Have you ever tried any Vitamin C treatments?

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