MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Perennial Rose : Review and Swatches

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Today I wanted to show you one of my older MAC products which I have forgotten to show until now but deserves a proper mention!

The MAC Pro Longwear Lip Colours have been around for quite a while, and now we have some new liquid lipsticks by MAC, but until now this was what they had to offer. 

How to use them
The most important thing to point out is how to use them

  • it's better to hydrate your lips well but clean off any residue of balm
  • make sure you apply a very thin layer very carefully as it dries quickly
  • let your lips hang until it dries a bit
  • apply the gloss
On some occasions I've applied too much and it tends to bunch up so I think it's better to apply a very thin layer. Also, if you need to reapply I suggest you wash it off and redo it rather than applying a second layer. 
Sometimes I don't apply the gloss but the finish is a little tacky, not dry like other liquid lipsticks as it's meant to be used with the gloss. The gloss wears off after a while so you will need to reapply. 
Wear and Colour
It's very long-lasting and comfortable, specially with the gloss on top. It will break down with greasy foods but if you're careful it lasts all day!

As for the colour, Perennial Rose is a lovely dark rose which is perfect for autumn and winter. I used to keep it for special occasions but I've recently been using it a lot and it's such a lovely colour!

Here are two photos, the first without the gloss and a thin layer and the second with the gloss:
I think the Pro Longwear Lipcolours aren't bad products but perhaps other brands have overtaken in the liquid lipstick department. I have learnt to use it the right way and it lasts a lot this way, but I can't help feeling that MAC really needs to up their game with this type of product. 

Have you tried the new liquid lipsticks by MAC? Are they any good?

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