Chanel Les 4 Ombres 232 Tissé Vénitien Review and Swatches

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Now here is a beautiful quad, and so classy too! The most important question is: are these eyeshadows any good?

Chanel eyeshadow quads have been a little hit-and-miss in the past, but all the eyeshadows I've chosen by Chanel have been outstanding, and after I read Color Me Loud's review of this quad I decided to treat myself to this beauty.
The other quad I have you can check out in my review of Chanel 234 Poésie, it's a quad I use frequently and really makes my green eyes stand out.

There were several other quads that looked interesting but I wanted something out of my comfort zone, so I went for this lovely green quad.
Tissé Venitien has 3 different green-toned eyeshadows and a pink. The three greens are cool toned but the pink is warm and quite a strange choice for this quad, I think a cool silver might have been a better choice.

-Shade 1: a cool toned muted blue-green with frosted finish.
-Shade 2: a warm toned peachy pink with a pearl finish.
-Shade 3: a neutral toned silver khaki with a sparkly finish.
-Shade 4: a cool toned forest green with a pearl finish.
The shades are nicely pigmented, the peachy pink being the worst of the four but still works, it's just quite similar to my skin tone.

They all have a lovely sparkle, the glitter isn't chunky and will work on more mature skin. You might want to use some matte transition shades to work with them but the pink hardly has any glitter so it could work.
They apply nicely on the eyelids, they're easy to blend and the different greens work well together. I always use primer but they lasted well all day without fading.
I'm very happy with the quality of these eyeshadows, thanks to my fellow bloggers I have been able to snag the eyeshadows by Chanel with best quality!
The quad costs around £40 which is the common price for this luxury brand. 

I love that the colors are different and complex and not just another set of browns for my vast collection. Perhaps the colours blend too well together showing less of their individuality, but I mean to use my favourite shades on their own for more effect.

Have you got any Chanel powder eyeshadows?

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