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Monday, August 01, 2016

I spent most of last year and part of this one saving money for our big day, now that I can spend a little more I find I haven't been craving so much makeup. I thought I would show you my current makeup wishlist!

My past experieces with this brand have been great and their palettes are well priced for the amount of shadows you get. The combination of colours seem perfect for green eyes like mine!
You can pick it up at Cultbeauty here.
There are actually quite a few things I'd buy from Charlotte Tilbury, but I'd love to try her newest foundation. I like her Light Wonder Foundation for something natural, this one would provide more coverage whilst looking natural.
You can buy her foundation at
This is possibly one of her most well-known products and amazingly enough I still haven't got it! I'd love to give this a go and see if it truly gives you the look of a flimstar. 
Now they have a set for darker skin and a cream version, you can buy it on the Charlotte Tilbury page here.
MAC released two different premade eyeshadow palettes and the cool neutral one was the one the makeup artist used for my wedding look!
MAC eyeshadows are usually good quality and these palettes work out quite well, I also think I want it for sentimental reasons!
This palette is for sale at their counters and at the MAC Cosmetics webpage
I have never had the chance to try out Tom Ford eyeshadows but they're supposed to be amazing! I'd love to pick up this quad because it's the perfect set of matte eyeshadows, for an everyday look or a more sophisticated one. 
It's easy to make good glittery shadows, but not so easy to make good matte ones, so that's why I'd like to try this one. 
You can buy this quad in Harrods here.
My wishlist will probably change as new things come out, but here are some things I've wanted for quite a while now. 
What's in your wishlist? 

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