Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review

Monday, September 12, 2016

I can't believe I hadn't written this review until now, this cleanser by Oskia has a lot of fans and I have to say it has quickly become one of my favourite cleansers, let me tell you why...

This cleanser is a little different from many other cleansers I've tried because not only does it leave your skin clean, it is also a skincare product.

Let's start with the texture: it's a pink gel-balm hybrid which is really easy to work with, as soon as it comes in contact with your skin it melts into an oil, removing all traces of makeup and dirt. After that, when you mix it with water it emulsifies into a milk and is easy to remove.

The packaging is really well designed: a lot of balm cleansers come in a jar or tub but you needn't put your fingers in this one, it has a pump to dispense the amount you wish. I tend to use a full pump if I use it as a first cleanse and half a pump for the second cleanse or morning cleanse.
I also like the design as it's clean and simple with its white packaging and thin black lettering, it looks classy.

When I started using it I was almost guilty about using it as a makeup remover, because it's a pricey cleanser and such a good one. Nevertheless it is such a lovely product to use that I find myself reaching for it over and over again, without caring that it's pricey, and there seems to be enough product to last quite a long time.
The magic of this cleanser is in the ingredients:
  • Pumpkin enzymes to cleanse pores and gently exfoliate dead cells. 
  • Vitamin A which is excellent for mature skin and helps repair sun damaged and dry skin.
  • Vitamin C which revitalizes skin and leaves it looking brighter and younger.
  • Vitamin E to fight free radicals and environmental damage.
  • Vitamin B2 to promote and maintain healthy skin
  • Starflower Oil (Omega 6) to soften and hydrate the skin. 
  • MSM which is the star ingredient, a collagen-boosting and anti-inflammatory which soothes and calms the skin. 

This is why the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is more than just a cleanser, it can be used with all skin types but for my combination skin it's perfect because it doesn't leave my skin stripped and doesn't break me out either. It's the perfect balancing cleanser which really leaves the skin renewed but hydrated.

It is lightly fragranced: Chamomile and Rose, but it isn't too overwhelming and quickly dissipates. It hasn't irritated my skin at all and it's safe to use around the eyes.

I have to say that overall it is one of my favourite if not my favourite cleanser of the ones I've tried. A little goes a long way so even though it may seem pricey at £29.50 for 100 ml, it will last you a good while.
You can pick this up at Cult Beauty or Space NK among other places. 
My skin is always supple and bright with this gorgeous cleanser, I really do recommend you try it out, it's a real gem!

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