* Swiss Skin Renewal Treatment Review

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I really wanted to show you this interesting skin treatment and for good reason: this combination of roller and serum have won the "Innovation of the year" prize at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards Gala in 2015!

When I opened the parcel and examined the roller with its tiny needles I was a little worried, I don't like needles but as I also know a bit about dermatology I understood that this could be a very effective method of improving the effect of certain treatments.

The treatment combines two elements: the small roller called Swiss Skin Roller and the anti age serum Swiss Rejuvenating Serum. I will also be showing you a germicide spray of the same brand, the Swiss Sanitizing Spray.

Swiss Skin Roller
I'm going to start with the roller because it's probably what most interests you: as you can see in the pictures it has 540 surgical steel needles to make tiny grooves in the top layer of the skin. This promotes skin renewal and increases the absorption of the ingredients.

There are three different needle lengths depending on the area and problem we wish to treat, it's easy to choose following their guide: http://goo.gl/XcJkjX
As I want to treat my face and more specifically fine lines, pores and sun spots the 0.2 mm-needle roller was the recommended one.
Swiss Rejuvenating Serum
This is the second part of the treatment, a hydrating and calming serum with anti aging ingredients. It contains beta-glucans, hydroxyprolislane N and vitamins E and C to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the immune system.
It's suppose to help skin regeneration, healing and smoothes dry and cracked skin.
This transparent gel comes in a container with a pump and if we keep it in the fridge it's even more refreshing on the skin!
Swiss Sanitizing Spray
This sanitizing spray isn't included in the treatment kit but it's recommended to disinfect the surgical needles of the roller. You can use a different sanitizer but this one was very pleasant to use.
You can apply it on the roller or on your face and as it contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E it leaves your skin soft and supple. It smells of lemon and it didn't irritate my skin, it was very easy to use.
How to use the treatment
Don't be overwhelmed by the needles, sanitizer and the rest, in reality it's an easy treatment to follow as you will see:
  • Remove makeup and clean your skin. It's important to use the sanitizer on the roller and we can use it on our face too if we want. 
  • We glide the roller on our skin, at first softly but as our skin gets used to it we can apply more pressure to increase the effect. 
  • It's important to use the roller in several directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal, taking our time to do so.
  • Be care with your eyes, mouth, chin and neck as the skin is more sensitive. 
  • After its use your skin may be reddened and hot but this is normal. 
  • Apply the Swiss Rejuvenating Serum immediately so that all the ingredients are absorbed.
  • Disinfect the roller with the sanitizing spray and keep it in its case so that it doesn't get dusty.

The treatment should be repeated daily for 5-7 days and then you rest the same amount of time and repeat the treatment a second time. You can repeat the cycle until you get the results you wished and then you only need to perform a single maintenance treatment every 10-15 days.

As the treatment can leave your skin a little reddened it's best to perform it at night so that your skin can rest.
It's also important to use sunscreen of at least SPF20 the next day as the skin may be more sensitive to the sun. 

After two sessions of a week with a rest in between I can say I'm happy with the treatment.
I was worried about the needles and even though you can feel them as you glide the roller it isn't painful, and the gel is very refreshing on the skin. I have sensitive skin and I've had problems in the past with certain products but I haven't suffered from any irritation, not even in the most sensitive areas.

The most noticeable effect has been on my pores, which seem smaller and less noticeable. My sun spots have also lightened slightly, probably thanks to the increased skin regeneration due to the treatment.
As for fine lines, the smaller ones seem a little less visible and the larger ones perhaps need further treatment so I will try another week to see the effects. 

I believe the Swiss Skin Renewal treatment is innovative and really interesting as it uses advanced techniques to promote skin renewal. I don't think there are any other products like this on the market. If you'd like to give it a go use the code "ingrid10" for 10% discount in this treatment and free shipping to your home. You can buy it here and soon Swiss Clinic will have a UK Store!

Would you dare try this treatment?

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