GlamGlow SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser Review

Monday, April 03, 2017

GlamGlow is a brand which really surprised us all with their facial masks, and since then they've released cleansers. As my skin is oily I decided to try out their SuperCleanse which has been developed for problematic skin. 


This brand was developed in 2010 for use in the fashion, music and entertainment industry and its success it was also released for the general public and is available in Sephora. It's an expensive brand but the face masks that I have tried have really surprised me, you can read my opinion on the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment here

This cleanser is based on the famous SuperMud Clearing Treatment, for combination and oily acne prone skin. It has been marketed to be used daily and it is a clay which turns into foam to dissolve makeup and oil, cleaning the pores deeply. 
In theory it's supposed to help reduce imperfections and leaves our skin mattified. 
GlamGlow calls its blend of molecules and eucalyptus leaf powder "Taoxi Technology", it provides flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants. Eucalyptol is an antimicrobial agent which reduces bacterial growth in the pores. 
Unfortunately these refreshing ingredients such as peppermint oil and eucalyptus leaf powder can be very irritating in sensitive skin, something you must take into account. 

It contains clay ingredients like kaolin and magnesium aluminium silicate, but as it isn't a face mask we don't leave it enough time to absorb oil and do its job deeply. 
They've added glycolic and lactic acid to its formula, which are chemical exfoliants but at such a low concentration that they won't have much effect.

For the foaming effect it contains a detergent but the chosen one is too powerful and leaves the skin too dry, in spite of it being a cleanser marketed for daily use. 
It doesn't contain parabens, sulphates or phthalates
All GlamGlow products have a showy design, with stars, silver lettering and a lot of promises. The first time I saw them I thought they were more of a publicity stunt than good products, nevertheless the face masks I have tried were great products. 
I still prefer a simple design with fewer claims. 

This cleanser comes in a container with a pump, I like this way of dispensing product because you don't waste so much product and the rest is preserved better. Unfortunately in the case of this product a small amount dries out from one day to the next on the tip so it can get hard to press and sometimes you're left with a partially dried out piece which is a bit of a waste. 

This cleanser is for daily use in theory, for problematic skins. You only need a pump or two and you spread it over your dry skin. 
As it's clay-based it can be a little hard to extend. The dark grey colour reminds me of the face mask of the same brand. 

Then you add water and scrub your face, the product turns foamy, although it's more of a creamy lather. You massage the skin, avoiding the eye area, and you progressively add more water to create more foam and rinse the face. 
It's a bit messy to use as you need quite a lot of water to rinse it off and I always end up dirtying my hair, arms and washbasin with dirty grey water.
When I use this cleanser I can feel my skin is very clean but excessively tightened and dry. At first I was using it daily, combining it with a very rich moisturizer, but even though I have combination to oily skin it was still way too drying

I didn't think there was an overly noticeable mattifying effect, the skin is left clean and tight but I still get shiny skin after wearing my makeup for a while, so it isn't a lasting effect. 

It has a menthol fragrance and you can feel the refreshing effect on the skin. I have slightly sensitive skin and it didn't irritate me but I can imagine it being too strong for sensitive skin in some cases. 
I had a lot of hope for this GlamGlow cleanser, after having tried the masks, but I'm afraid I have been disappointed this time. I don't like cleansers that leave the skin too dry and tightened, and although it says it is to be used daily I think it's too strong

It's a pricey cleanser, you get 150 grams for £45. It's a fair amount and as it comes with a pump you don't waste too much product, but at this price I can recommend many other cleansers which have impressed me more.  

Have you tried the GlamGlow cleansers?

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