Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Cloth Review

Monday, August 21, 2017

I think I've become a real fan of great cleansers, there's something very satisfying about taking off your makeup at the end of the day with a really luxurious product which actually improves the appearance of your skin. 

I was really looking forward to trying this one by Emma Hardie as I'd heard great things, and it sure didn't disappoint!

I love cleansing balms and have enjoyed a few others like the Eve Lom Cleanser which I haven't reviewed in depth yet but you can read about here: Skincare Secrets for Beautiful Summer Skin
This one by Emma Hardie is a cult product and I am really loving it!
As you can see from the photos it's very luxurious looking with the antique gold packaging and simple lines, and the cloth is really high quality too. 

The balm comes in a large tub with a screw on lid, it isn't very travel friendly but this is the sort of luxurious balm to enjoy at home, massaging gently and enjoying the pampering session. I'd take a different one for travelling. 
Moringa extract is the star ingredient, it comes from a tree which grows in the foothills of the Himalayas and has long been used in medicine for its antioxidant properties, it has antibacterial properties and promotes faster healing and reduces inflammation. 

Sweet Almond Oil is an oil rich in nutrients and vitamins A and E, so not only does it moisturize but it improves the appearance of the skin with the antioxidant effects of the vitamin E and the cell renewal effects of the vitamin A. 

Sweet orange, neroli and mandarin invigorate and rejuvenate the skin, as well as acting as an antibacterial. Grape Seed Oil is full of lipids to moisturize and condition the skin and jasmine, rose and cedar wood extracts soothe and recondition the skin.  
Use and Effect
As you can see the ingredients make an impressive emollient formula which isn't only a cleanser but also a hydrating balm with many skincare benefits. 

This balm has been designed to break down even the most resistant waterproof makeup and it really does, without drying the skin. 

  • Apply a small amount to the skin, gently massaging as it melts into an oil. 
  • You can sculpt and massage your skin as it acts as an unctuous balm.
  • You can also leave it on the skin for 10 minutes to act as a face mask to reap the skin care benefits
  • Add warm water to emulsify the oil into a milk.
As you can see this balm was provided with a face cloth and I really recommend you use it when you clean your skin with this balm. The rough side will exfoliate your skin whereas the soft side is great for buffering the skin. 

You can also use the balm as a mask on other rough areas such as lips, elbows and knees to soothe and hydrate. 
Face Cloth
I'm totally obsessed with face cloths and I love using them in my cleansing routine. They aren't commonly used in Spain but I find they're super useful and help clean and exfoliate. 

The one included with this balm is a very posh muslin cloth with two different sides. One side is a microfibre exfoliating side which cleans pores deeply and removes dead skin cells. The other is a very luxurious soft side which is great for the eyes and other sensitive areas and I like to use it at the end of my cleanse to buffer the skin. 
The name of this product says it all, it really will help you to have an amazing face. 
I have to say that  it is well worth splurging £39 on this balm and cloth set. You get 100 grammes which will last you a lot as a little goes a long way. You can also supersize and get 200 ml for £59 which is an even better deal. 

I love this balm because not only does it melt away the most stubborn makeup, it cleanses pores deeply and leaves the skin hydrated thanks to its ingredients. Not only that, you can use it as a mask to reap even more skincare benefits! The cloth provided is also excellent and you'll really enjoy using this set and will notice benefits, specially if you're used to using drying and stripping cleansers! 

Do you like using a warm flannel to clean your face?

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