Our Wedding : The Music and Entertainment

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Weddings are long affairs here and one wants to make sure all the guests are having fun, so today I'm going to tell you what entertainment we prepared for the big day!

Music plays a really important part in our lives, it is the soundtrack to our best moments so I considered it an important matter to choose the songs and music carefully. I wanted to show my rock loving side and I found a good way to do it. 

I found the perfect dreamy solution: Minuetto is a string quartet which plays not only classical songs but also modern hits, rock and even personalized tracks you can ask them to play on the day. They were very professional, sounded beautiful and they played during the ceremony and drinks. 
I was able to walk to the altar to the sound of Metallica and we celebrated our union with The Killers!
The next important thing to find was a great DJ. For me this was one of the most difficult tasks because the right DJ can make or break your party and there wasn't really a way to test beforehand what it would be like. Word of mouth is usually the way to go but we didn't really know of many.
We were very lucky to get to know DJ Frank Fairlane at a wedding show at our venue and we hit it off straight away. He seemed to have a different vibe and you could tell he knew what we were looking for. 
We made an excellent choice because he did an amazing job! He had the difficult task of entertaining two different crowds: British and Spanish, with very different tastes. He met up with us before the wedding to ask us about songs we liked and he was there the whole day to provide background music, liven things up on the mic and get the party started!
At another wedding show Suso saw something he definitely wanted for our wedding. It was something we had never seen before and at the same was perfect for us. Philip Luz was an acrobatic barman, serving amazing cocktails while performing magic tricks, acrobatics and all sorts. 
It was a great surprise for all the guests and really got the party started. Suso and I love cocktails and we had our own menu of cocktails with the bride's and groom's faves!
Something special and British that we organized was traditional English dancing. One of my uncle and cousins play in a band called Albireo which play Ceilidh dance tunes. We had this type of dancing in our cousins' weddings and it was great fun and I wanted it in our wedding too!
It was a great ice breaker as everyone has to dance and exchange partners so all nationalities joined in and enjoyed it very much!
For when the guests were dancing and starting to get a little peckish we had a beautiful sweet table with cake pops, cupcakes, biscuits, macaroons and a delicious wedding cake. We had hired the services of someone who cancelled the week before the wedding which was very stressful but thankfully our wedding planner The Love Forest got in touch with Ma Petite Pâtisserie who made the most beautiful and yummy sweet table ever! 
Finally I had always wanted a photo booth because it's great fun and the guests can take some funny pictures home. We quickly learnt there were many options at many different price points but in the end we went with our wedding planner's suggestion which was Fotomolón who were great fun and we have the most hilarious album!
They provided the props and our wedding planner prepared the backdrop. It was easy to use and the guests loved taking the photos with them, it was a great idea to entertain guests of all ages!
Our guests had a lot of fun and there were certainly a lot of things going on the whole time so time flew! I wouldn't have done anything any differently!
What entertainment would you have at your wedding?

Wedding planner The Love Forest
Minuetto String Quartet
DJ Frank Fairlane
Philip Luz Barman
Ma Petite Pâtisserie
Photos by Manu Díaz Fotografía Emotiva

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