My new sunglasses from Firmoo

Friday, October 20, 2017

I love sunglasses, I must have loads of them and yet I always get the feeling I don't and I always want a new shiny pair. As this autumn is turning out to be very sunny I am actually using my new pair of sunglasses a lot!

I went through an aviator phase, in fact I have quite a few pairs in that style; but now I'm into oversized sunglasses and these new ones with wide lenses are very much on trend. 

The frame is black with silver details and the lenses have a purple tint to them which really suits me. They're darker at the top of the lens and lighter at the bottom so it's easier to read but you're still protected from the sun. 

The sunglasses are from Firmoo, which specializes in prescription glasses at really great prices. They're great to buy from as you can choose the frame, then the prescription lenses and you can even see what they will look like on several different models. 
They also help you to choose the frame according to the shape of your face and as they have so much variety you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Shipping was fast and the glasses come with a lovely case decorated with vintage maps. The best is that they have a special offer of two for the price of one! From only $19 you can have two pairs of glasses which is a great deal!
I suggest you visit the link: 

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE from Firmoo at (As low as $19 for 2 pairs)

I'm really enjoying this sunny October so now I'm going for a walk with my new sunglasses!
Do you use prescription glasses?

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  1. Very nice these glasses, I also love the case :)

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  2. These are really cute! And they look amazing on you. I've been looking for a pair of perscription sunglasses. I'll have to check these out.


  3. They look amazing on you! :)

    Check out my new post at: Shoot for the stars

  4. Gorgeous sunglasses! I always wear them for protection as well as an accessory. You chose a beautiful pair. No I don't wear prescription sunglasses only reading glasses. I love the buy one get one free. I am going to check this out. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Cris

  5. They look lovely on you! Super posh :)

  6. Great post, and very nice photos. <3
    Maybe follow for follow ?

  7. Oversized is def my favorite style. This is a great pair!

    Kara Aragon

  8. Oooh these are gorgeous, the shape really suits you hun xx

  9. Didn't know that brand. The sunglasses are lovely!

    Have a great day, kisses <3


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