Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss review

Saturday, November 01, 2014

I'm not much of a gloss girl and yet Chanel has managed to entice me with their newest release. Today I will be showcasing this luxurious gloss which I have been enjoying this past week.

Last Friday I had a very busy long day, it was one of those days in which I felt I deserved a little something. Being the lipstick addict that I am I couldn't help but head on over to the Chanel counter to try their latest release.
Chanel promises a gloss with intense shine but also vibrant colour and good lasting power. Basically a gloss for the lipstick lover. That really intrigued me as I tend to reach for lipsticks rather than glosses on a daily basis.

I'm not usually wowed by packaging but I must admit that this time Chanel has really come up with a sophisticated and useful packaging. It comes in a long sleek black case which is similar to the older Chanel Extrait de Gloss but now it has a click mechanism like the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks. 
You click the top and suddenly the golden part pops up magically for you to take the brush out of the tube. It provides the perfect amount for a light application and you don't get lots of gloopy gloss everywhere. It's sophisticated and sleek and strangely satisfying to click. 

Packaging is no use if you haven't got a good product but I must say I'm impressed with the formula. I tried the whole range at the stand and most of the colours were pigmented, easy to apply and completely opaque. 
It feels quite lightweight on the lips and most importantly it didn't settle in lines which is a pet peeve of mine and quite a common occurrence with more pigmented glosses. It actually feels really great on the lips and doesn't transfer all that much even though it never seems to set and stays glossy and wet for around 4 or 5 hours. 
It isn't a long-lasting stain formula like the YSL Glossy Stains but it's the longest lasting gloss I have tried which is comfortable to wear at the same time. It will last through careful drinking and light eating so I'm pretty impressed with the wear time. 

Nine colours have been released here with one of them being limited edition (#20 Audace). There is a nice range of bright colours, from corals and pinks to fuchsias and reds and even a plum and a plummy brown. All of the colours were pigmented and opaque although the darker colours needed more work to get the colour looking even.
I do miss more light and nude shades but I expect they will be extending the range as I predict this formula to be a great hit. I find the shade selection pretty well thought out and I would wear almost  all the colours happily.

Swatches of the full collection: Top Row from left to right: 12 Exotique, 13 Affroliant, 15 Sensible, 16 Extase, 17 Supreme. Bottom row from left to right: 18 Seduction, 19 Pirate, 20 Audace (limited edition), 21 Distinction

#18 Seduction: 
I tried all the colours and finally settled for this beautiful raspberry red. It is a beautiful shade for the colder months and it's a versatile colour as you can apply more or less to get the full shiny effect or just a light hint of colour. 
I do find it's quite fuchsia looking on my lips but it's a beautiful shade and I have been wearing it this past week without a lip liner or lipstick. It's a flattering shade which would suit many different skin tones and really brightens the face!

#20 Audace (Limited Edition): 

I thought it would be interesting for me to show you the limited edition shade, #20 Audace, more in depth. As it won't be part of the regular collection you might want to consider picking it up if it is a shade that interests you.
Audace is a plummy brown which could be an interesting shade for autumn. In swatches it can look very brown and I was initially put off by this shade. Nevertheless I decided to try it on and see what it would look like on the lips.
I think it is a much more wearable colour than one might expect and it could be a very interesting colour for autumn and winter. The pink in my lips makes the shade look much more attractive, specially if worn lightly. Here I am wearing it fully but only one layer.

Final thoughts: 

The Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses are a pricey gloss but there is something about the sophistication which comes with this product which I think will make it a sure winner. The formula is pigmented enough to appeal to lipstick lovers while also delivering the high-shine and plump lips one can only get with a gloss. 
What do you think? Will you be trying out any of the shades?

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