Anna Sui Lip Palette Review : I'm Back with a Giveaway

Monday, July 20, 2015

I know, I have been completely AWOL. I hadn't planned to disappear but life got in the way and as the weeks went by it seemed harder and harder to sit in front of the computer to write a post. But I do feel I ought to come back here, I love my blog, so here is a giveaway to make up for lost time haha!

The giveaway consists of a Jouer Tinted Lip enhancer and the Anna Sui Lip Palette, it's very easy to take part and you only need to watch my Youtube video to find out how to take part. I will leave the video below so that you can all have a chance at these lovely products. 
As I cannot open the gifts included in the giveaway I thought I would give my opinion today on the lip palette, as I have one of my own and like that you can see the lovely colours included. I am making sure to include lots of photos and swatches so that you know what you're getting as a prize!

I don't usually fall for packaging but as I wanted to give something pretty I really fell for this beautiful design. It is a purple and gold case which is covered with red and gold roses and butterflies. It's very intricate and quite unusual for makeup packaging. 
It is made of hard cardboard which makes it very light but I wouldn't consider travelling with this because it doesn't close very securely. It has a magnet and could open easily. 
Another reason why it's so lightweight is because it doesn't include a mirror, which is a real shame, although I have to say I hardly ever use them. Nevertheless I do think it's useful to have, specially if you take the palette around with you. 

This lip palette does actually include a lip brush but the quality is quite terrible, so I'd invest in a different brush or even use your fingertip as a better option. 


This lip palette features 10 different colours and I am happy to say that they're all wearable shades, even the start brown-looking ones. They all have a glossy finish so they will be very flattering on all lips. 

The range includes pinks, peaches, corals and reds and there is a white shimmer that you use with the other colours to add a bit of pizzaz. I have tried it by itself and it's cute as a glittery balm which is great!

Even if you think some of the colours might not suit you they can easily be combined to create your own custom colour, so you'll feel like a proper artist mixing different shades to get the perfect shade for your lips. 

Formula and Finish

As I mentioned before, all of the shades are glossy. It'll be a shame for matte-lovers but it means that these lipsticks will work on all lips: normal o drier; younger or older. 

For me the most impressive point is that they're more pigmented and opaque than I expected. Most only need one layer for full coverage, which is very impressive indeed. They are also very creamy and feel hydrating on the lips, I didn't expect this at all, they remind me of a very pigmented balm. 

As they're glossy they don't last as long as a matte lipstick, fading quite evenly after a couple of hours. Some of the darker shades leave a nice stain on the lips and I'm sure the less brave could use them this way, dabbing a bit with the fingers and spreading softly. 

I think it's a really beautiful palette and I'm sure any girl would love to display this on their vanity, it would make a lovely gift too. It also seems to be the perfect option for someone starting out in makeup or a younger girl as they get to experiment with different colours, even combining colours for their own unique colour. 

I was even pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation and texture of the lipsticks, they look very pretty on the lips and the glossy finish enhances my lips. 

The issue for me is that it isn't very portable and as the lipsticks fade away I can't see a very easy way to reapply on the go. This might not be a problem for many girls but I work long hours and it isn't practical to take this large cardboard palette and a lip brush. I seem to reach for easier options which is a shame, as the quality is there!

Have you got any lip palettes or do you find them impractical?

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