Getting to know Caudalie: My Skin Treatment at Rego Lodos Pharmacy

Monday, November 16, 2015

You all know I'm pretty much obsessed with skin care, I believe it's the most important thing to have a good base. Caudalie was already one of my skincare faves, so I was very excited to get to know more of their products!

I love French pharmacy brands such as Caudalie because they're great value for money and one benefits from years of pharmaceutical experience. Another favourite is Nuxe, you can also read about my skin treatment by this other skincare brand here.

I had already tried quite a few products by Caudalie such as the famous Divine Oil, Vinosource Sorbet and the Beauty Elixir is one of my favourites, but today I'm going to talk to you about more of their line for my skin. 
The session started with a complete cleanse; Caudalie has several different cleansers and they're all suitable for all skin types. You can choose from their micellar water, foaming cleanser, milk cleanser or their new cleansing oil. 
After cleansing the skin she used the Purifying Mask. There are several masks for different skin types but this one is the best for combination to oily skin which is prone to blemishes. She suggested I try this mask once a week, leaving it for 20 minutes and then removing with a damp cloth or sponge. 
It was a very nice mask as it was cleansing and clarifying but it doesn't leave the skin dry and it is balancing too. I can't wait to try it out better at home!
After that she applied two of my favourite products: first she spritzed the Organic Grape Water, which is a soothing and refreshing mist to apply before makeup as it provides moisture. It can also be used at any time of the day specially if you have sensitive or irritated skin. 

The second heavenly spray was the well-known Beauty Elixir, one of my personal favourites. It was inspired by the Queen of Hungary's elixir of youth and this spray tightens pores, smooths lines and gives radiance. It also smells minty and is quite addictive haha!
I also love to use this to set makeup or refresh the skin at any time of the day as it gives a dewy fresh look to the skin!
As you might know I have a few hyper pigmentation marks from the use of hormonal contraceptives, so she suggested I use their Vinoperfect Radiance serum morning and evening under moisturizer. It contains Viniferin which is supposed to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C at correcting dark spots. 
In the evening she suggested I also use the Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream which contains glycolic acid to help reduce pores, smooth imperfections and also help correct dark spots through chemical exfoliation. This cream is supposed to leave the skin looking more even and radiant. 
As for the day, she suggested I use the Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Cream which provides SPF20 and protects the skin from free radicals which cause premature skin aging. This cream will provide hydration as well as anti-wrinkle effects.

Finally, she showed me the Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Lip Cream. I thought it was a very interesting product as it not only reduces dark circles but also smoothes the area around the eyes and lips. It contains Matrixyl 3000, fern, horse chestnut, liquorice and the combination of polyphenol and vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle formula. 
This can be applied morning and evening around the eyes, space between brows and around lips to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 
So that I wouldn't go home completely clean-faced and white she applied the Tinted Moisturizer for Light to Medium skin which adjusts to the skin tone to give a natural finish. It's moisturizing, contains sunscreen and also gives a healthy glow. It was definitely hydrating and looked very natural on the skin but perhaps was a little too glowy for my oily skin. 

Caudalie doesn't have coloured makeup as such so she finished the look with some Mineral Bronzing Powder to give a bit of colour to my cheeks. It was quite warm on my skin but it's a lovely matte bronzer!

Overall I really enjoyed the consultation because it was tailored to my skin type and problems and she gave me a useful leaflet with the correct products for my skin and when to use them. I thought this was very useful for those who don't know much about skincare. 
Caudalie offers a wide range of products for many different issues so you can easily have a complete skincare regime by this French brand. 

If you get the chance to go to a consultation by Caudalie please make sure you do, I was invited by Rego Lodos pharmacy where I live in Lugo and it was a lovely experience. All the products I've tried have been very effective for their price and this brand is against animal testing and the use of parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, artificial colorings phthalates and other nasties!

Have you tried anything by Caudalie?

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