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Monday, October 03, 2016

We really weren't planning on going to the beach, but it was such a lovely and sunny day that we thought Minnie deserved a little run on the beach! Hence my totally inappropriate outfit for the beach!

That's the thing about the current weather: who would've thought it would be so sunny in October? I spent the day with my parents and their little Prague ratter Minnie, as we were driving past this beautiful beach we decided to go for a stroll on the beach. 

We didn't have a swimsuit and I was wearing the darkest and most rocker chic look for the beach. Still, I took off my comfy beige Clarks sandals and went for a run with little Minnie. 
It was a little windy at first but I soon took off my black Noisy May PU biker jacket which I've been using so much lately. 

Thankfully I was wearing a skirt so I was able to wade in the warm water. This black crochet skirt is from Topshop and you can also see in my previous Black and White Topshop outfit
As for the t-shirt, it's from Hard Rock Café in Bali and is colourful and summery. I always buy a t-shirt at Hard Rock Café when I'm travelling, it's become a bit of a habit!

I'm sure you're wondering about the green cross body bag. It's the Cabuxa Coquette bag and it's really original as it's handmade and handprinted. You can see it very much in detail in this post of the Cabuxa Coquette Cross Body Bag.

We had a wonderful morning at the beach, next time I hope I have my swimsuit with me because I was very jealous of the people swimming in the water!
Were you able to go to the beach a lot this summer?

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