Front Row at Runway Galicia

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One of the best things about being a blogger is getting the chance to experience things such as sitting at the front row of a fashion show. A few blogger friends and I were invited to Runway Galicia, let me tell you all about it!

When I received the invitation to go to the Runway Galicia fashion show I was super excited, it's over two hours drive but luckily I was able to go with Adara (A Través De Mi Armario) and Raquel (In My Curls) which made it a fun day out with the girls!

The blogger meet up was organized by Andy (Your Fashion Moment) and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know lots of bloggers. 
We were also introduced to some local Galician shops and designers which had some really cool fashion items: 

It's a super cute boutique in the centre of Vigo that sells brands such as MbyM, Lolola, Nümph, Ginger and Soul and more.
They had a lovely selection of clothes and accessories in many different styles and we all loved a lot of the pieces. 
Now here is the designer of the funkiest espadrilles I've ever seen! They have really colourful but also simpler styles to choose from and on their online store you can personalize your espadrilles!
I thought it was a great idea and you could tell they were really high quality, they even had two options for soles, one with a bit of a heel!
They also design clutches and bags, they're such an amazing option for summery attire!
This is another local designer, mostly of t-shirts and bracelets with a nautical but original theme. Galician will recognize local references on some of their designs, whereas others combine slogans or cool drawings. 

Not only were there fashion brands but we also got to try out some prime alcoholic drinks (not me unfortunately) such as: 

This Galician brand of Atlantic gin and vodka is becoming really popular and I'm told it tastes exquisite. 
It's distilled slowly with a blend of local ingredients such as grape, mint, laurel and eucalyptus as well as other ingredients such as hibiscus, black tea, ginger and cardamom. 
This is one of the quality wines produced in the North of Spain. It's made almost exclusively with red grapes with complex vilification procedures. 
I'm not a wine drinker but it's definitely a favourite for many people!

We were also introduced to this company based in Vigo which distributes different cosmetics. They showed us the whole Keiroa line which offer natural facial and body treatments. 
They offer a wide range of skincare and cosmetics with interesting ingredients and we got to sample most of the line. 
We were given a few key products which I'll be trying out!

After getting to know these companies we sat down in the front row to watch the fashion show. This show offers young designers and students the chance to showcase their collections and gain experience, which I think is a great idea!
Some of the designers this year were Carlos Pinilla, Isabel Nuñez de Armas, Dopra, Thalita Dumont, Graciela González and more. 
There was live music by Dani Costas and magic show  by David Maestro to entertain us during the breaks so it was a fun evening out!

Do you enjoy going to fashion shows?

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