Galénic Teint Lumière DD Cream SPF25 review and swatches

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I don't like to wear heavy makeup so light foundations, BB and CC creams are my type. Today I'm going to show you this DD cream (when will they come up with an EE cream? hehee) by this French cosmetic brand. 

Galénic is one of those brands you've heard of all your life, even though you might not have ever tried anything. And my impression without having tried anything is that they have quality products, with good ingredients and they're for sale in pharmacies and chemists. 
So when I was given the chance to try out this DD cream thanks to the XI Blogger Breakfast Coruña I was very happy to do so, I love foundations and this one I had never tried before. 

This DD cream is a moisturizer with sunscreen and colour, it is easy to use and allows us to add a touch of colour as well as protect our skin everyday. 
Galénic has a simple yet stylish aesthetic, it gives the impression of quality which characterizes the brand. This cream comes in a plastic 40 ml squeezable tube without an an applicator, which allows us to get the amount we want. 
The ingredients are protected by the sun in this packaging and it is easy to transport with its screw-on lid and resistant materials. 
This type of products should prioritize skin protection as well as choosing the best possible ingredients, leaving the covering effect as a less important advantage. This DD cream includes Uncaria Tormentosa which has an antioxidant effect, betaine and glycol to avoid dehydration and hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the skin

It also contains sun filters which provide SPF25, which is quite good to be honest. 
As for the colour, it has mineral pigments to adapt to the colour of the skin as well as absorbent powder to give a velvety finish to the skin. 

This cream has a floral fragrance which isn't unpleasant but is something to take into account if you have sensitive skin. 
Application and Finish
It is a cream which is very light in texture, better applied with your fingers, spreading evenly with ease. It has very low coverage and it blends well, giving the skin a touch of colour. 

Used on its own it makes our skin look better, covering slight imperfections and unifying our skin tone, adding a touch of colour. It is a very nice product to use in summer by itself in summer over clean skin. 

Nevertheless SPF25 isn't a high enough sunscreen so I use a separate one before, and if you have dry skin it won't hydrate the skin enough so I would use a moisturizer before too. 
If you would like more coverage you can use this DD cream as a primer and then use a different foundation on top. The DD cream this way provides a slightly mattifying effect as well as sunscreen and hydration. 

It has a velvety finish on the skin, it's very light coverage so it still looks like your skin but better. It also gives you a slightly bronzed look, perhaps a little dark for me in winter but very becoming in summer. 
I have to say that if you are looking for a product with a natural finish, like your skin but better, this DD cream by Galénic is one to take into account. 

The price is around 20 euros, which is very good; and although it won't completely cover imperfections, nor eliminate wrinkles, it's better than not wearing anything at all, and it only takes a couple of minutes to apply in the morning. 

I like this type of coloured creams as they're very convenient and if they're good quality such as this one by Galénic they have a natural finish on the skin, it's as if you haven't used anything but you look a little better!

Do you like this type of products?

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  1. Me too. I am with you I prefer BB Creams especially during the day. Never tried the DD Cream though. That lumiere sounds great. Have a lovely day. xoxo Cris

  2. you looks pretty & chic darling.. thanks for sharing this product...! online shopping in pakistan

  3. Very interesting product!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. This product seems very interesting, I like the pasckaging, it is very elegant and the finish that I see on your face.
    Wish you a beautiful evening.
    Flo from

  5. I seem to need a bit more coverage these days but when my skin is behaving more, would love to try this product!

  6. Great Post!

    i follow your Blog!
    Would you like to follow back?

    Meli from


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