An amazing lingerie discovery

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I have made a truly amazing discovery! Us smaller cup-sized women can actually enjoy a pretty cleavage thanks to Upbra! Let me show you...
If you haven't got a large cup size you know what it's like: you've tried all sorts of push up bras to try to look the best. Most are uncomfortable and don't do much. I didn't think I would actually find a bra that truly made a difference but Upbra wanted me to try out their Upbra® Cleavage Enhancing bras.

When I received them I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bras, the materials and finishes are luxurious and it was all beautifully wrapped and presented. The bras are silky to the touch, robust and visibly well made. I couldn't wait to try them out. 
I was sent two models: a black one and a nude strapless bra. With these two bras I have all my basic lingerie needs covered haha! 
Both bras feature the brand's new patented ActiveLift® technology to give more cleavage to smaller cup sizes and more lift for women with larger cup sizes. 

Let me show you how:
These bras seem stiffer than the average, and the cups are quite flat inside. It's very important to choose the correct size, they run true to size so don't try to get a smaller one thinking you'll get better lift or a larger one thinking you'll be on the safer side. 
If you're unsure about your size you can get in touch with customer service and they will advise you, they're very helpful and truly want you to get the perfect fit!
The best about this bra is that not only do you get an instant lift as soon as you try it on, there are some internal straps you can tighten to give you even more of an enhancement. If you look closely at the second photo of the inside of the black bra you can see that there are two straps at the bottom that you can clip in different positions.
This is amazing! I had already been shocked by the results with the "minimum" setting as you can see from the very first photo at the top of the article. Then I tightened the internal straps and goodness, so much cleavage that I felt that the photos might be a little too racy!
You can check out this video to see how the Upbra works: How it works
The strapless bra works in the same way and features a vynil grip so it won't slide down. It comes with the straps too which is convenient. There is also a convertible bra and a bikini so you can get the desired cleavage no matter the occasion. 

You all know I am very honest with my reviews, so you'll believe me when I say there is a massive difference with and without this bra. Nevertheless I think the results are pretty obvious in the photos. You can clearly see the difference between a regular Intimissimi bra, the Upbra in a standard setting and the Upbra with the enhanced lift.
Regular bra

If you would like to try these amazing bras make sure you use my discount code for 10 dollars off!
The code is: 


You can order your Upbra from their website here:

Do you feel like you need a lift or enhancement sometimes? Is it easy for you to find a good and comfortable bra?

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