Iroha Nature Foot Masks Review

Thursday, October 11, 2018

I don't take much care of my feet. There it is: I have confessed. So when I got the chance to try out these foot masks by Iroha Nature my feet breathed a sigh of relief!

I can spend over 15 minutes following my facial beauty routine step by step before bed but then I ignore my body and feet. This is a true crime considering I am a beauty blogger but it's a combination of laziness and hassle which prevent me from taking better care of them. 

Well today I will show you a method to pamper your feet in a convenient and practical way. Iroha Nature has three varieties of masks in socks for your feet: moisturizing, relaxing and repairing and another for exfoliating (which I haven't tried). 

They're super easy to use, they're like large socks which have the product inside. It's important to clean your feet and dry them well before use and we must leave them on for at least 15 minutes. 
You can feel your feet cold and refreshed inside and you can smell the mask as soon as you open the package. 
When the 15 minutes are up there is still a lot of product leftover so I think you could leave them on longer and I always massage what's left so it gets absorbed. 

My feet feel refreshed and soft, and they smell amazing after. The peach one is the most fragrant and the mint one is the most refreshing of course. 

The following days after using a mask I do feel my feel softer and more hydrated, although I think it's better to use these masks as a shock treatment combined with a daily foot cream. 
Each foot mask costs 4.95 euros and I thought the three were excellent although my dry and abandoned feet most enjoyed the repairing and moisturizing ones. 

If you would like to try them you have 20% off with the code FOOT20, I have left the link to the foot masks at the bottom of this post.

Had you ever tried anything like this?
Iroha Nature Foot Masks

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