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Saturday, January 03, 2015

There are so many amazingly talented bloggers out there and sometimes it can be easy to miss out on some. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite bloggers, the ones I never miss a single post!

If you aren't following Stacey already you must head on over to her amazing blog. She's an incredibly strong and inspiring person and such a star, I've been following her blog for as long as I can remember and whenever I consider purchasing something I head over to her blog to read about it. You can be sure she has probably tried it and she's very honest about products. 
Her blog is lovely, photos are gorgeous and she's a real inspiration (as a blogger and a person). Go visit and subscribe now!

Sara is my go to for swatches and in depth reviews of high end products. She's a gorgeous German girl who publishes the most in depth reviews of high end makeup. You can rest assured that she has compared, swatched, tested and tried everything she shows and she never misses a release! She's a lovely girl and I admire her hard work so head on over to her amazing blog. 

Gemma is another hardworking blogger with a blog which covers almost everything in the makeup world, both high end and budget. She's very sincere in her opinions and she does a great job keeping at the frontline of new releases. I've always followed her blog and she's becoming immensely popular, which I'm not surprised about! You really must follow her! 

First off, isn't it just the loveliest name for a blog? I love coral, lol. Jo has a wonderful blog with great pics and wonderful posts and she has just moved to New York which is incredibly exciting. You'll be able to read about American products now and I'm very excited to follow her around her new life in the US. Make sure you follow this lovely blogger!

Sabrina runs the most stylish and professional beauty blog you can imagine. It's so classy and chic and you can be assured to get beautiful photos, swatches and face swatches of high end makeup products. I always check out her blog when I'm thinking of buying something and I wish my blog were half as stylish as hers. I will carry on the meantime, follow her too because her blog is stunning!

I seem to love bloggers from all over the world and Sunny is a Taiwanese girl living in Belgium. Who says you need to be in London or New York to have a successful blog? Sunny has a stunning page with all you need to know about high end makeup and beauty products. Her photos and blogging style is to die for and she's thorough with her posts so it's a blog you really must follow for high end and luxury beauty. 

I could mention many more blogs that I love and follow but today I wanted to show you the ones I never fail to read daily. Make sure you follow them, I'm sure you won't regret it!

Please comment down below and suggest some blogs you love and follow!

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