Benefit Bathina Soft To Touch Hard To Get Body Oil Mist Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today I wanted to feature a really indulgent product on the blog, something which is a real treat for the body and could even make a nice gift: it's this lovely body oil mist by Benefit.
This was one of those things I was convinced to buy by the sales assistant; the idea of a lovely mist with a seductive fragrance and that was supposed to be firming sounded absolutely lovely, so I picked up this product by Benefit.
The packaging is very much love or hate as with most of Benefit's products. It has the pin-up girl on a girly pink bottle and I'm sure many are seduced by it. I'm not really into this style though, so I'll only be judging the product itself.
I'm pretty bad at remembering to moisturize my body after showering, and sometimes I'm a little lazy, so the idea of a body mist that would do the job sounded great! It's a really fine mist, not a spray, and it doesn't make the body feel greasy at all. It absorbs quickly so it's lovely to use and you don't have to stand and wait for it to dry.
It contains vitamin E and this with the almond, olive and avocado oils makes the skin hydrated and supple.
Another of the reasons why I bought it was because it's supposed to be firming and it leaves a hint of a sheen on the legs. I thought that was great for summer and I did notice a slight sheen, but it wasn't an exaggerated effect.
I also loved the fragrance. It isn't very noticeable, only if you're up close, so it's very seductive indeed. It's a feminine and sexy fragrance with notes of white ginger, apricot, cyclamen blossoms, lychee, bergamot, white musk, poppy and peach. I looked that up, as I can only tell that it's a delicate floral scent.
This would an almost completely positive review if it weren't for the fact that it is very pricey for the amount of product you get. It costs £23.60 and you get 75 ml of product. I tried to keep it only for special occasions and even so I reached the end of the bottle in no time!
I couldn't believe I had finished it so quickly, which is a real shame as it's nice to apply and and enjoyable indulgence.
If you can get past the price it's a lovely product, I think I'll try some other body oils to see if I can get a similar feeling at a better price point.
Do you use a body oil?

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