Rego Lodos Pharmacy Antiox UV Cream with Vitamin C Review

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let me start by saying that I am really sorry to be reviewing a product which may be difficult to buy if you aren't in Spain. Nevertheless I wanted to talk about the contents and the beneficial effects on my skin!

This cream was given to me by the Rego Lodos pharmacy which is a lovely pharmacy in my city which stocks some of the best makes. You can read about my haul with this cream and some other goodies here. 
I was very excited to get to try this antiaging cream because it contains vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of sun spots and it helps preserve skin elasticity. Not only this, it also has antioxidants which are very important to protect against daily damage. Both these ingredients plus its UVA and UVB sunscreen have been helping to keep my skin looking better, more equal in tone and protected. 
I really wish it specified what level of sunscreen it provides, I use a different sunscreen over this cream just in case. 
I have even noticed a slight improvement in the appearance of my hyper pigmentation marks, although it isn't specifically formulated to reduce them, it's suppose to help avoid them. 

It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps keep skin hydrated and fills in lines and wrinkles in a natural way by providing intense hydration. I have to say it absorbs quickly on the skin and it doesn't affect makeup application which is a problem I have found with other creams. 
This one isn't a thick cream, it is lightly fragranced and it quickly blends into the skin. It's a nice cream to use in the morning and I have been enjoying it so much that I have almost finished it!
As for packaging, it is a simple white tub with a screw-on lid. It has a simple sticker with the name of the product and the pharmacy's logo, it isn't high-end packaging but I don't mind if it does its job. I do have to point out however that I would prefer it if it were in a squeeze tube as I find that jars aren't the best way to preserve creams such as this one. 
This jar is opaque at least so light shouldn't degrade the product but I feel that dipping the fingers in the jar can always affect the remaining product and such a large open jar means that the product can suffer degradation more than in a different container. 

The price is quite interesting, at 20 euros for 30 ml you get quality ingredients and a pharmacy-formulated product. 
Overall I think the cream does its job and is great to use under makeup, the price point is fair and although the packaging could be better it's a no-fuss cream. Now if only they sold abroad...(hint, hint!)
What cream do you use in the morning?

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