Outfit of the Day : ASOS Chic 70s Maxi Dress

Friday, November 06, 2015

I'm really excited to show you a gorgeous maxi dress from ASOS which became my obsession at the end of the summer because it looks classy, sophisticated but still has a funky 70s vibe which I love!

I have to admit that this lovely piece was spotted by my mum, who has great taste. She thought it looked great on the ASOS runway and she was completely right, this is a very flattering maxi dress. 
The material is very silky and slightly shiny so it makes the dress a bit more formal looking rather than a beach dress. 

I don't usually wear patterns but the combination of colours on this dress is stunning and red really suits me. It has a coloured band around the waist which optically makes the waist look thinner and the shape won't make you look big and baggy. 

It's a sleeveless dress and it has a zip down the back, although I can actually slip in and out of it without having to use the zip. Now that I've lost some weight I could even do with a size smaller although I like how it hangs a bit loose. 

I've paired this dress with some chunky brown leather heels that have some gold accents, very 70s too, but without looking costumey. And finally my brown Michael Kors handbag, possibly my most versatile handbag.

I thought my dad's Dyane Van was the perfect hippy backdrop for the outfit, my father is restoring it to its former glory!

Have you got any maxi dresses?
ASOS Maxi Dress (similar, similar)

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