6 Skincare Discoveries of 2016

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I thought I would start a small series showing you my top 6 discoveries of 2016 in different categories. Today I'll be showing you six skincare products I discovered last year which I thought are worth showing you!
Sometimes it's hard to choose your favourite products, but I must say that skincare was easy this year because I tried out some impressive lines which really made a difference in my routine. Here are my 6 skincare discoveries of 2016:

This cleanser was a real star in my routine last year, I had heard a lot about this cleanser and it really fulfilled all expectations!
It contains vitamins A, C and E, omega 6, enzymes, chamomile, rose...not only does it cleanse your skin but it also contains active ingredients to help fight aging. 

It's a lovely cleanser to use, it's a pinkish gel which melts on your skin and eliminates all traces of makeup, even waterproof one. After that you use some water for it to become a white milk and it's easily removed with a warm damp cloth. 

It leaves your skin feeling smooth and plump instead of stripped, and a little goes a long way. This 100 ml bottle lasted me about half of the year!

You can read my full review on this beautiful cleanser here: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel
These ampules are the absolute bomb! Martiderm are a Spanish brand but you can buy them in the UK too. They have several different ampules but the Skin Complex are the best overall. 
They contain 20% Vitamin Complex which is 15% Vitamin C and 5% Vitamin B5, F and A. This is a very high concentration of vitamins and they really make a difference on your skin. 

Vitamin C will help renew your skin, lighten pigmentation marks and you'll feel like you've had a special peeling at home. I really noticed my skin brightened and smoother after a single use!
This black scrub reminds me of a volcanic exfoliator, it contains incredibly fine particles which act like a peeling. It can leave you skin slightly reddened right after using but after using it your skin will feel smooth and soft. 

Sensilis contains natural ingredients and no toxic substances so it's a brand to take into consideration. I wouldn't recommend this scrub to people with very sensitive skin or rosacea, but if you are looking for a scrub which really gets the job done, this one is pretty amazing!

You can read my full review of this exfoliator here: Sensilis Skin Delight Revitalizing Black Exfoliator
Don't be scared by this, I know that it looks like an instrument of torture, but it really doesn't hurt and it makes a massive difference to your skincare. 
This roller has surgical needles which make tiny grooves in the skin, promoting skin renewal and increasing the absorption of your skincare treatments. 

There are different rollers depending on your needs, this one with 0.2 mm needles reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores and sun spots. 

You can read the whole review and see how to use it and its effect in this post: Swiss Skin Renewal Treatment
This plumping gel is absolutely amazing, but unfortunately I haven't been able to source it in the UK. It has been developed by a Pharmacy, to contain a high amount of Hyaluronic Acid at a very reasonable price. 

This gel is soothing on the skin, makes it look really plump and hydrated, and all at a great price! You can use it morning and evening, under makeup and even mixed with your favourite foundation for a more dewy finish. 
I'd love it if you'd comment below and tell me what have been your favourite skincare discoveries of the past year. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to try out some amazing products and to have found some excellent skincare!

What has been the standout skincare product of 2016?

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