Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Genius Tutorial Video Box

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some things in this world are really what dreams are made of. They are products which are genius but you think can't possibly exist! Have you always dreamed of having a makeup artist at home showing you how to do your makeup? Well Charlotte Tilbury has done it again with her amazing tutorial video box. Take a look at this amazing concept!
Charlotte Tilbury seems to be taking the world by storm, everything I have tried by her is absolutely amazing and she creates anticipation without the use of crazy limited edition collections (I'm looking at you, MAC). There are other brands which I consider amazing, such as NARS, but with Charlotte Tilbury I always feel that I just want it ALL.

The idea of this tutorial videobox is amazing! I had read about it but I never imagined I would have this and the funniest thing is that my mum bought it without knowing what it was. When she opened the box to take a peek she was shocked to hear Charlotte Tilbury speaking!

I love the concept of having the whole look planned for you. Not every woman is talented enough to choose a full makeup look and Charlotte Tilbury makes it easy by providing different finished looks you can complete easily. But this time she has taken it one step further: on the lid of the box as soon as you open you will get a video showing you how to obtain the full look. You will be able to see how to achieve the amazing "The Supermodel Look" in a clear and well explained way.
You wouldn't think it's possible but she has done it: she has included a screen in the box, with a pause button and cables to recharge it and all the makeup products you need. She doesn't include the base such as foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer or tools but everything else is in the box and if you're obsessed with her makeup line like I am you may already have everything else too!

Let's have a look at the contents:

The centerpiece in this collection is the Fallen Angel Luxury Eyeshadow palette: it's a quad of four gorgeous shades which work amazingly well together and have an otherworldly sheen to them. They're very soft and creamy and make blending easy for everyone to achieve.

One of my unexpected favourites in this box set is the Cheek to Chic blush in Sex on Fire, it's a blush duo with a mauvy rose colour in the centre and a lighter natural pink on the outside. It's an amazing neutral blush which looks slightly bronzed on my skin, perfect!
The next star in the box is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Confession which is a creamy mauvy rose which would flatter everyone and has immediately become my all-time favourite nude lipstick. Paired with the Lip Lustre in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds it gives the juiciest pout you could ever imagine. This gloss is a gorgeous champagne with golden shimmer which will be perfect over any lipstick or by itself with your lips lined with the world famous Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk, also included in the set.

Also included in the box is the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara which I really enjoy and I have already used up one so I'm happy to have a backup.
Finally there is the Rock 'n' Khol Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black to really smoke your look and it's a lovely creamy black eye pencil which is easy to use and long lasting.

The Genius Tutorial Video box is pricey at £200 but if you take into account the amount of products that are included plus a tutorial from an iconic makeup artist, I think it's an amazing deal. This would be the perfect gift for a friend or family member who isn't an expert at makeup.
I have been loving all of the products included and will be reviewing each of them separately as you can also pick them up individually.

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