New Year's Resolutions

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I think it's only human when we start a new year to set ourselves really high resolutions for the coming year. We don't always follow them through but here are mine for 2015...
First of all, Happy New Year everyone!! I really hope you had a wonderful time and I hope that this year will be amazing for you and will bring everything you have ever wished for. 2014 really flew by for me and it was a very standard year, which I suppose is good. I hope that 2015 is really amazing and there are definitely some exciting things for me this year. 

I will try to be realistic and set myself some resolutions that I can actually achieve although I'm sure in the end most will be forgotten by March, haha. I still find it very important to set myself some goals or think about what things I want to change of myself, so I will consider this like a bit of therapy. 
Perhaps if I see my list here on my blog I'll actually try to follow my resolutions next year...or at least you can have a laugh watching me not follow them throughout the year, haha!

Anyhow, here are some of my New Year's Resolutions:

- Do more exercise: Might as well start with the one everyone includes and get it over with. I go through phases when I exercise a lot and then periods when I have no time at all to do anything. I will try to fit in some exercise somehow. 

- Be more organized with my blog: Sometimes I think I've set myself too big of a challenge, writing on two blogs and managing two youtube channels. Recording and editing 4 videos a week plus taking photos and writing for two blogs is perhaps a little crazy. But I want to SO much that I'm going to try and organize myself better before I decide to downsize in any way. 

- Keep in touch with my brother more: He's living in England and as I'm often very busy blogging I forget to Skype him. I know he's often very tired from work so I also don't want to bother him but I should still try to chat to him more often. We have always been so close!

- Improve visually: I think I'm a bit repetitive with my backgrounds both on Youtube and my blog photos. I want to try and improve that, perhaps create a space for me to record and take photos, not sure how yet but I want to improve my visual quality somehow. 

- Spend less on makeup: This is a tough one, I tried last year and was pretty good the first 6 months but then completely crazy the second half and bought more than ever before! I'm always tempted by offers, sales and gifts with purchase. I also need to start sorting out what things don't work on me and pass them on. 

- Sleep more: This one is quite difficult sometimes as my boyfriend works shifts whereas I have a normal timetable. I still want to see him and try to follow his timetable at the same time which means I barely sleep many nights. 

- Use the iPhone less when I'm in bed: Yes, I'm guilty of taking my phone and spending more time than I should. Stacey from expatmakeupaddict probably knows by now that I wake up in the middle of the night and check out her blog. I love it, but it affects my sleep. Her amazing posts will have to wait until the morning!

I won't include anymore resolutions because these will be tough enough to follow. I really hope I can improve in these points at least a little, so let's see how I get on!!

Have you got any New Year's resolutions this year?

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