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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I always love trying new products and getting the chance to try a brand I had never heard of is even more exciting! I got this mascara in the You Beauty Advent Calendar and since then I have had the chance to test this volumizing mascara.

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics

I had never heard of this make and when I received this colourful mascara I was curious to find out a bit about the make behind it. It's a Dutch brand which is Cruelty Free which is always a good thing. They have a small range of makeup products and you can check them out on their webpage. 

The Packaging

I have to say that the packaging is the most outstanding thing of this make. If it didn't have such colorful packaging I probably wouldn't have paid as much attention to it, so I have to say it has worked. 
It's decorated with the picture of a woman and shiny jewellery in lots of different colours. The lid of the mascara is shiny bronze and from what I've seen in their webpage they all have the same colourful packaging!

The Brush 

The shape of the brush is supposed to give you volume: it's wider at the bottom and tapers towards the end. This is supposed to make the outer lashes longer but I find it's a little more fidgety to use as you have to make sure to have the wider part of the brush on your outer lashes. 
It's great on the right eye but then it's all wrong on the left eye as with all asymmetrical mascaras!
The brush is also quite large for the lower lashes so it tends to smudge a bit. 
The formula

This is where it gets a bit interesting: the formula is water based so it's supposed to be easy to apply and to rinse off with water. It is also supposed to be extremely long lasting and prefect for humid climates without smudging. It's a shame I haven't had the chance to try it in a humid climate as it's winter at the moment, but I have to admit that it hasn't smudged on me. 
It also has the active ingredient Beta Maritima to act as an anti oxidant and improve the health of your lashes. 

Unfortunately the due to the shape of the brush and the formula my lashes do clump a little bit and it isn't my favourite on the lashes. The large brush is a bit clunky and it isn't very good at all on my bottom lashes. 


It isn't my favourite mascara as it isn't the easiest to work with and it does tend to clump a little. Nevertheless I think it's interesting that it's long wearing and good for humid climates as we all know many wonderful mascaras fail in that aspect. 

The price is also quite high for a mostly unknown make. It retails for £18 and I'm not sure that many people will give it a chance, although the packaging is lovely and it is long wearing!

Which mascara are you using currently?

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