Breast Cancer Awareness Month - How can we help?

Thursday, October 08, 2015

I'm sure most of you will know that October is breast cancer awareness month. We all know someone who has suffered some form of cancer, and unfortunately there are more and more cases all the time, although early detection helps improve prognosis. 
Today I'd like to talk about some ways we can help raise awareness and fund research to improve lives of those suffering this terrible disease. 

Donate to charity
It seems pretty obvious, but it's surprising how much a little donation can do to help. We can fund research, help women in need and raise money to provide much needed mammograms. 
Make sure you donate to a registered charity to make sure your money goes to good use. You can help fund National Breast Cancer for example. 

Educate family and friends
One of the key points in the case of cancer is early detection; the sooner treatment starts, the better. We may think we'd notice if we had cancer, but the fact remains that most people don't know how to check and how often.
You should be visiting your gynecologist regularly already, making sure he also checks for abnormalities is very important. When we're older it's also a good idea to have mammograms. Neither of these procedures are painful at all and you'll feel relieved to know everything's alright.

Support companies which donate
I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea for companies to donate part of their earnings to charity, and if we support initiatives like this one they will carry on taking part. The best is that we're buying makeup, beauty and fashion items we love and part of the money is donated to charity! Excellent!

Let me show you some of my favourite products for this year:
- Limited edition vintage Pink GHD Platinum: I absolutely adore GHD hair straighteners and £10 will be donated!
- Origins rejuvenating hand treatment: Decorated in pink this lovely hand cream will get you donating £5 to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.
- EOS Breast cancer awareness pack: this lovely pack of pink goodies means you'll be donating part of the proceeds to research.
- Astley Clark friendship bracelet: if you buy this super cute and fashionable bracelet 20% of the proceeds will go to their Breast Cancer Campaign.
- Exclusive T-shirt by Savannah Miller: I absolutely love the design of this t-shirt and the best is that £10 will go to The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centres. 
- Bobbi Brown Breast Cancer Awareness Peony Makeup Set: it includes a lovely pink powder blush and a mini face blender brush, donating £5 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 
- ASDA Tickled Pink sweatshirt: super cute and it's perfect for colder days, who doesn't love the Mr Men. 10% of proceeds will go to charity. 

Will you be doing anything this month to raise awareness or funding?

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