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Thursday, October 15, 2015

I had the opportunity to go to the tenth edition of the Coruña Blogger Breakfast, and this time we had some amazing collaborators plus we had a great time! I have loads of things to show you by these lovely companies who have decided to let themselves be known to us bloggers!
I love the blogger breakfasts that Lidia from Babycosmetics organizes because it's a great chance to get to know new companies and products, whilst having a great time with fellow bloggers.
This time we went to the Espacio Coruña shopping centre which lent us a large place to have our breakfast and gave us a super cute mug!
We sat down for breakfast in the area which Tienda Tienda had decorated and Caffé Vecchio gave us all sorts of cakes, toast and some fruit. Yummy!
As soon as our bellies were full we start to listen to the presentations by the different companies. 
I'm very proud that this pharmacy from my hometown took part in the blogger breakfast! They presented their new online shop which is excellent because they ship everywhere in Spain free of charge and they have some excellent brands.
They're really kind and their attention to detail is amazing, plus they have a blog and youtube channel, how interesting!
They gave us a box full of goodies which you can read about in my haul post showing you their own line. They also gave me a discount code for my Spanish followers!
I must admit that I had never heard of this company. I know many makeup brands but the professional ones aren't as known as they're sold exclusively in beauty salons. This is a Spanish brand and they have a makeup and skincare line, the prices are good and I have to say that their products have surprised me.
They gave us quite a few goodies from their new autumn/winter Bordeaux collection. I'll be writing a blog post showing you all the products and a look as they deserve a full review. 
Here is another Spanish company, they sell modern and stylish bags and accessories at a very good price! You can take a look at their webpage which they renew frequently with trendy collections. I'm sure you'll like their things as they have the trendy woman in mind!
We were lucky to be given different accessories, in my case a gorgeous wallet which could have been designed for me! I love black and you know I'm obsessed with studs, so this is 100% Ingrid!
I'm British so I'm totally addicted to tea and other infusions. I have to admit that I got super excited when I found out that they were taking part in the event and when I saw the teas they gave us!
Soloinfusiones is an online store where you can order not only the more well-known teas but also their own combinations with original names which are super yummy. I loved how they sent us a booklet explaining how to prepare each infusion and they two they sent are really nice!
As my blog is heavily makeup-related I'm always excited to get to know cosmetics companies. This one is another Spanish makeup brand which is sold professionally in salons, I hadn't heard of it either.
They gave us bloggers different products to try and in my case I was given a nail polish and topcoat which are one of their star products. Unfortunately you all know that my nails are problematic so I wish I had got to try a different product. Nevertheless I'll show it to you in a full post sometime. 
I thought this was a very interesting brand as they aim to take care of our lashes, something we often forget about but is very important!
They gave us a sample of their white cream to clean eyes and help avoid lash damage, sties and other problems. I have to say I've tried it and it's nice to clean my eyes in the morning when they're sticky from sleeping.
We were also given a sample of their SPF50 sunscreen for face, neck and décolletage. 
This is a well-known Spanish laboratory dedicated to mouth hygiene. I have already been using this whitening paste and it has a nice flavour. I love the retro style packaging of this collection!
This is one of those Spanish brands that everyone has heard of but nobody exactly pinpoints why. They're well known for some of their colognes and creams and they gave us a whole load of samples to try out. 
I had already heard of this company because as I'm getting married this year I had already seen that this company sells small gifts, cute and that can be personalized with logos and letters.
They gave us a cute mirror and gave away a tote bag. 
This French optician is very well known and they took part in this blogger breakfast. They gave us each a pair of contact lenses which was great because I use a single monthly lens (only one, I'm sure you didn't know). I had never tried their own brand so I'm interested to see if they're more comfortable than my regular ones. 
After the presentations we went to the Douglas store where they did a makeup demonstration on our blogger friend JulyaPepry showing us also how to use the popular Foreo.
I had never tried their makeup line so I'm curious to try their samples, nail varnish and the mascara by Isadora. By the way, the sweets were super tasty!
Finally we went to check out this hairdresser for children. I thought it was a great idea, a hair salon designed for kiddies, so that they have fun! It's all decorated for children and they have prizes for them, accessories and products which have been developed to be attractive to the youngest. 
They also offered us discounts in some of the other stores in the shopping centre such as Dick and Paul, Moet, Altafit and Tino González, but after such a busy morning I didn't have time to go round to check them out. 
It was a wonderful morning as I got to know a lot of interesting brands and I'll be giving you my opinion on many of these products. The best as always is the time spent with fellow bloggers and the chance to show you new and different things!
Thank you to Lidia and all the companies involved!

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