5 Skincare Gifts for Christmas

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

I am sure a lot of you are already planning your Christmas gifts for friends and family, I thought I would show you some options so that you can have an idea for different people. Today I'll be showing you 5 skincare gifts!

Giving the gift of skincare may be seen by some people as a real no-no, as if you're saying that they're getting old and wrinkly. I however think that skincare is really important at all ages and good skincare is expensive so these gifts can be a real treat. 
If you have a friend or family member who is really into high end skincare these could be great ideas:
I'll start with this one as it isn't a set but a really indulgent product. The packaging is really lovely and it reminds me of potions from yesteryear, and the fact that the product is blue makes it really interesting. 
This oil to use at night contains lots of different moisturizing and antioxidant essential oils such as avocado, blackberry, grape seed and chia; but it's most famous due to its trans-retinol ester which is supposed to be a gentler form of the well-known anti aging agent. 
It's blue because it contains Blue Tansy and I just need to add that it can't be used on pregnant women, so take that into account!
Every year Glamglow releases a different set for Christmas, and the best is that they're always a great deal! 
Glamglow is an expensive skincare brand, well known for their mud masks, although now they have cleansers and other products. I actually believe they're worth the price as I really feel it makes a difference when I use them. 
I think this set would make a great gift as it's shiny and has pretty packaging and they're great for pampering, so if you know a new-mum, a bride-to-be or a stressed-out mum I'm sure they'd love this set. 
This is yet another proven skincare brand which has lovely sets every year for Christmas! If you don't want to spend so much money there are smaller sets but I love the ones that come with a wash bag like the one pictured. 
It's lovely because the recipient will get some lovely skincare and also a bright red accessory to use! And it's great quality too!
These sets contain various products from the 8 hour range by Elizabeth Arden. They're well-known as this range has been around for many years and most mums will remember using these products. You really can't go wrong!
I absolutely love travel kits because you get to try a wide variety of products and if you travel often you know how useful they are. Caudalie is an excellent French pharmacy brand and they have several different kits on the market. 
This is their new one for winter and it features skincare and also hair and body care, so it's perfect to take on holiday. If you know anyone who travels frequently or has a special trip coming up, this is the gift to get them. Plus it comes with the transparent wash bag to pass airport security!
My last product is perhaps for more mature skin or that which has sunspots. I wanted to include it because even this type of skincare is sold in lovely kits for Christmas, which I think is great. 
Bella Aurora is a brand which focuses on treating and preventing sun spots, which is a big problem in more mature skin and pregnant women. 
This set has a face cream with sunscreen and anti aging benefits and an eye cream, so it's all you need in this shiny Christmas set!

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