Sensilis Skin Delight Revitalizing Black Exfoliator Review

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I have been using this very black exfoliator for a while now so I thought I'd talk to you about this product which claims to be like a peeling at home!

I had never tried anything by the brand Sensilis but Rego Lodos Pharmacy invited me to a Sensilis event which was a real blast and you can read about in my post: Sensilis Event. Since then I've been trying out several of their products and this is one of the first ones I wanted to show you. 

This exfoliator is part of their illuminating and revitalizing range, called Skin Delight. When used in conjunction with the other products (day cream with SPF and intensive night treatment) it's supposed to give you amazing results in only 4 weeks of use! 

The packaging is really beautiful and looks really luxurious, it comes with a small white spatula to get the product out of the jar which I think it's great as it helps to avoid touching the product.

The colour is due to the carbon it contains and the granules is very fine charcoal powder. It doesn't contain any nasty ingredients which is great and the fragrance is amazing because it's natural licorice!

We were told we could use this peeling twice a week, but I think once a week is enough and if you have sensitive skin I'd suggest you consult someone as it can be quite abrasive
I like to apply a layer to the skin and let it sit there for a little while like a mask, this way the ingredients work their magic a little while and then I remove it in a circular motion with some warm water. 

This is a physical exfoliator which means that the super fine particles eliminate dead skin cells and help skin renewal. After using it your face will look noticeably reddened but it doesn't feel dry thanks to the coconut oil and other oils and it feels very smooth. 
Once your skin settles it will feel very smooth, almost like baby's skin, it's quite impressive. It reminds me a bit of the MAC Volcanic Ash exfoliator although the granules in the Sensilis exfoliator are even finer. 

Overall it's a great product because it contains 75 ml for around 25 pounds which is very good. The brand is known for selling natural cosmetics for sensitive skin but I'd still think about it before using if you've got very sensitive skin as it feels quite abrasive.

Which is your favourite exfoliator?

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