Prada Saffiano Credit Card Holder Review

Monday, January 30, 2017

Today I'm going to show you one of my Christmas presents from my husband: this absolutely stunning card holder!

I've wanted a card holder for a while now, I have quite a few cards I carry with me all the time and luxury card holders are relatively affordable. I must admit I had my eye on the YSL card holders but my husband susprised me with this beautiful one from Prada. 

I really like the look of saffiano leather, the cross-hatch texture is very classy and I'm very glad this card holder is in that style because it's incredibly durable! This grainy type of leather is more resistant to scratches so I won't need to worry so much about it. 

This card holder has three compartments, one on the front, one on the back and a middle one. You could fit more than one card in each slot, but I have decided to keep my most used cards at the moment, not all of them. 

The details on the card holder are golden: it has the Prada symbol, which has the words Prada Milano and then below it says Dal 1913 and has the company shield.  I love the combination of royal blue and gold, it's very regal!

I'm very glad my husband chose this colour, it's different from the usual black but is still very useable and will go with a lot of colours. 

If you want to get into luxury pieces an SLG like a card holder is a great option and this one from Prada is durable and very classy. They've got a reasonable price at £155, which is more or less the standard price for luxury card holders of brands like this one.
Do you have a credit card holder?

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