6 Favourite Makeup Discoveries of 2016

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Continuing with my series of discoveries of 2016, today I'll be showing you my favourite new makeup products of last year.
I used them for the first time last year and they quickly became firm favourites, let me tell you why:

Last week I showed you my 6 Favourite Beauty discoveries which you really should read about, as there are some amazing products. You can read it here: Favourite Beauty Discoveries

Today I'll be talking to you about makeup, you all know I'm a junkie!

I had never tried a foundation by Chanel, and after hearing so much praise about the Vitalumiére Aqua I wanted to try one. I went for this one instead because I have combination skin and I thought this would work better in summer.

It has a velvety finish on the skin but doesn't look flat, it looks natural, which is what I look for in a foundation. I've got it in the shade 20 Beige and it suits me better when I've got a bit of a tan, the range of shades is never as good in luxury foundations.

You can read my full review of the foundation here: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet review
I've actually got another foundation to show you, which is rare as I'm quite picky with them, but this is the foundation I used on my wedding day and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

It's great because it has a little more coverage than MAC Face and Body and is a little less dewy, but still looks very natural. The shade NC15 matches my skin tone perfectly and it's quite long lasting.
Another makeup product I used on my wedding day which I've been using and loving all year round is this concealer by MAC. I'm so surprised I hadn't tried this one before, I used to have the Mineralized concealer but even though I liked it there was something missing.

This one has a little more coverage and doesn't crease, which is the most important thing for me. I don't have very dark circles, if you want something with a lot of coverage this one may not be enough.

You can check out my full review and see pictures here: MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer review.
This isn't actually makeup, but it's related as it's a tool to help you clean your brushes better. It's made of rubber and you can slide a couple of fingers and use it to swirl the brushes.

It has two different areas so that you can swirl larger and smaller brushes and it makes cleaning them much faster and better. Nobody enjoys cleaning their makeup brushes but anything which can improve the job is well worth it.
These cream sticks were a real discovery to me. Lorac isn't available in Spain and these were sent to me by the lovely American youtuber Renée Kee.
They're easy to apply, you just have to draw your lip shape and they have a matte velvety finish on the lips. They aren't tacking or overly drying on the lips and they're very long lasting.

I have three different shades and they're all lovely and very wearable!
I must be the last person on earth to try out these liquid lipsticks, but I'm like that sometimes, I try to resist haha!
In the end I caved and picked up this mini set of Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, it comes with Lolita and Lolita II. I love minis because I have hundreds of lip products and like that I can try more.

These liquid lipsticks aren't overly drying, they are matte and don't look too cracked on the lips. They don't last me well through a meal but they fade quite nicely and are easy to reapply without looking cakey.
These have been my favourite makeup discoveries of last year, perhaps you've tried some of them or all!

Which were your discoveries?

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