Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum Review

Monday, February 20, 2017

From my recent perfume favourites I can really tell that my fragrance choices have definitely changed over the years. Today I'd like to show you a perfume that really obsesses me...

I don't usually review so many perfumes but I have really been loving a few recently that I just had to share with you. In January I spoke to you about Charlotte Tilbury's Scent of a Dream which you really must read about here: Scent of a Dream Eau de Parfum
Today I'll be showcasing this lovely perfume by Giorgio Armani that had me obsessed for months!

I love to try out perfumes and see how they evolve as the hours go by, I find it's the best way to discover new perfumes because as you may know fragrances develop differently on each person's skin. 
This perfume is one I kept going back to, sniffing my wrist over and over again during the day when I tried it on in store. Finally a couple of months ago I pulled the trigger and bought it for myself. 
I think Giorgio Armani has done a beautiful job with the packaging, it's simple and classic and yet very beautiful. 
I also like that it looks similar to the very expensive and unique Armani Privé collection (one day I want to try those!).

The cap looks like an expensive jade stone and the style of the lettering and simplicity really call out to me in a luxurious way. 

Here we have another perfume which can seem overpowering to start with, but then becomes sophisticated and sexy on my skin. 

Scent of a Dream which I reviewed recently was a clearly floral fragrance whereas today I have more of a fruity fragrance. Its primary notes are Blackcurrant, Chypre, Patchouli and Blond Woods. 
I think I'm obsessed with the way blackcurrant smells on my skin, but the musky and spicy notes also make it very sophisticated rather than sickly sweet. 
Lasting Power and Effect
I love long-lasting perfumes as I've mentioned more than once, and this one surely is! It's very strong and heady to start with but the base notes last a great amount of time on my skin, developing as the hours go by.

This is the sort of perfume I keep noticing on myself and I even enjoy sniffing my own wrist as if I were an addict of some sort!
It's the sort of perfume I like to wear in the evening or for special occasions as it's quite deep and musky rather than light and airy. 
Purchasing this perfume really was a no-brainer for me, when one keeps going back to the same fragrance over and over again it definitely deserves a place on the shelf. 

It isn't the sort of perfume everyone will like as it's quite heady and fruity but if you're looking for something chic and sweet with good lasting power you should really try it out. 

It costs around £69.00 for 50 ml which is a fair price for a perfume like this. There is also the intense version and the eau de toilette which you can also try if you want a more powerful or lighter version compared with this one. 

Have you tried this perfume?

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