Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet 400 Review and Swatches

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage nowadays and there are many formulas available on the market by almost all beauty brands. When I found out that Armani was releasing a new formula I couldn't wait to give it a go!

I really love it when brands give customers the opportunity to try out products, and Giorgio Armani has a great policy as they often send out samples of their latest releases. This means we can get to test expensive formulas before shelling out, and more often than not it's beneficial for the brand as we are likely to fall in love when we might never have tried it out otherwise.

Today I'm going to show you this miniature liquid lipstick by Giorgio Armani. They were one of the first brands to release a liquid lipstick with the Lip Maestro, and I am very excited to show you their new take on the liquid lipstick.
Giorgio Armani always classy and chic pakaging, with simple but useful lines. Their products look expensive but aren't over the top.
The Lip Magnets come in a clear tube so you can see the colour and how much is left. The applicator is very well designed as its almond shape with a fine tip allows you to precisely draw on your lips. 
In these photos as it's a sample you get a simple doe foot applicator but I have tried the full sized one and it's easy to use. 

Armani always seems to be innovating with their formulas, and this liquid lipstick is a water-in-oil inverted emulsion, which means it's a mix of water, oils and pigments.
When you apply the lipstick it feels liquid but not runny so it's easy to apply and dries quickly. As the water evaporates the oils and pigments reveal an intense colour on the lips with a matte finish.

The feeling on the lips is very strange as they feel completely weightless, they're supposed to be four times thinner than a regular lipstick. They aren't greasy on the lips and the best is that they aren't drying like most matte liquid lipsticks. They aren't hydrating either but it will feel as if you aren't wearing anything at all.
Finish and Lasting Power
When you apply the lipstick it feels watery and shiny but it quickly dries to a luminous matte finish. They feel velvety on the lips, no matter how many layers you apply they never look cracked or cakey like other matte liquid lipsticks do.

They never completely dry out and they're aren't fully transfer-proof, something you might find important. They're supposed to last 8 hours but on me they only last about 4 hours and they won't survive a meal. That is usually annoying but in this case I really don't mind because it's very easy to reapply and it fades evenly.
Colour and Pigmentation
There are 18 shades in the range and I have to say that most of them are strong bright colours. Even the ones which are quite nude are dark on the lips, so if you're looking for a very natural shade you might not find one in this range.

If, on the other hand, you like bright colours I'm sure you'll find a colour you love. The darker shades are more pigmented but the lighter ones aren't completely opaque and you'll need more than one layer for full coverage.

I was sent a sample of shade 400, which is a deep true red, extremely flattering on any skin tone. It's luminous and pigmented and I'm in love with this beautiful red!
There are many liquid lipsticks available on the market, at many different price ranges. A lot of them, specially the matte ones, can be very drying on the lips, so when you find a good formula it can really be worth its price.

The Armani Lip Magnets are quite pricey at £28 but the formula is very innovative: they feel weightless and are easy to apply without looking cakey. They aren't the most long-lasting and they aren't transfer-proof but as you can layer them I find myself enjoying this formula a lot.

Most of the colours are very bright and they could've expanded their range of nudes, but if you like powerful colours I recommend you give them a go!

What's your favourite liquid lipstick?

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