Teas and Infusions during pregnancy : What can I drink?

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

If you're a tea lover like me I'm sure it was a shock to reduce your intake of this sort of hot beverages because of being pregnant. Suddenly something as innocent-seeming as tea is a big no-no!

When you're pregnant there are so many things you're not supposed to eat or drink. Sure, many people don't bother with the guidelines but when you're carrying your future child you tend to take notice of all those recommendations.

There are some things which you really can't eat, like sushi, raw dough, uncooked meat, alcohol, etc but then there are some things which you should reduce such as caffeine. We sometimes forget that tea contains stimulants like coffee; so if you were drinking 10-12 teas a day like I was, it was a great adjustment.

Then there is also the issue of herbal teas and infusions which may or may not be harmful depending on the ingredients. There aren't enough studies in most cases and it all sounded so complicated that for most of my pregnancy I gave up tea almost altogether.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Soloinfusiones came to my rescue and sent me a list of suitable teas for pregnancy!
They very kindly explained which were appropriate for my condition and also told me that they had quite a few infusions available on their webpage.
This infusion is a mix of lime blossom and dehydrated apple. It has a very mild taste and it is supposed to have a relaxing effect to help you sleep.

Sleeping becomes a difficult task in the third trimester so I enjoy drinking a cup of this infusion in the evening before going to bed.
Tea contains caffeine but this Japanese variety is three years old and contains a very low level so it isn't as strong as a common tea. It also has a high level of minerals which is good, plus we will benefit from the positive antioxidant effect of green tea.

I've always enjoyed the green teas by Soloinfusiones because the taste is mild and not as bitter as regular green teas.
Rooibos tea is the perfect drink for pregnancy as it helps with your digestion, it's relaxing, it has a pleasant taste, it contains healthy minerals and it doesn't have caffeine.
It's also supposed to help produce milk and calms colics in babies so it's also a great choice when breastfeeding.

This mix contains aniseed which can help reduce gases, another uncomfortable and common complaint during pregnancy. I don't really like the taste of aniseed but it isn't too strong in this tea as it also has apple, vanilla, hibiscus and rosehip.
This is another Rooibos tea infusion, so we will benefit from all the characteristics I mentioned in the previous mix.

This one however tastes of pineapple and strawberry. It also has orange peel, strawberry leaves, sunflower, rosehip and hibiscus.
This isn't a tea at all, it's a mix of fruit so it doesn't contain caffeine. In general you can't really go wrong with fruit infusions, and this one tastes sweet but it's mild and a great option for pregnancy.

It obviously contains peach as the name suggests, but it also has apple, pineapple, hibiscus, orange peel and papaya. A lovely fruity combination!

If you're pregnant and looking for the right hot drink you can stick to Rooibos tea and fruit infusions, but there are also other options available. In any case if in doubt you can always ask your doctor or midwife if you're worried.

I'm happy to have my cup of tea with me, right now I'm enjoying Oriental Star Rooibos!
Are you a tea lover?

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