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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You all know I love designer handbags, it's my little obsession and what I like to spend my savings on. The problem is that there are new handbags out all the time and it's expensive to follow all the new trends!
For those handbags we perhaps would like to own but don't want to spend a fortune we can always resort to buying a similar one...

I don't like fakes but it is true that in fashion everyone seems to be copying one another and you can buy things which are inspired by but not exactly the same as the real deal. 
I think it's a good option for expensive clothing or accessories which are on a short-lived trend or if we are unsure if we really want it or not. We can also afford to take more chances with styles and colours. 

My piggy bank is filling up slowly but perhaps I may buy myself one of these dupes to quench my thirst for new bags!

Here I'll show you my wishlist of imitation handbags, all of them are super cheap!

As you can see it looks a lot like the Chloé Drew bag which I have never got round to buying but keep seeing on other people and love. I really like this pinky nude colour and I haven't got any in this colour. 
You can find this bag here: Pink Flap Saddle Bag with chain
This handbags looks a lot like a bag which is really on trend among luxury influencers, the Bulgari Serpenti.  Te brand has handed out some to several bloggers and although it seemed a little much to me at first, it has grown on me. 
This copy bag is also available in black but it seems a little nicer in white. You can get it here: Snake Head Front Piping Chain Bag
I love the Chanel Boy bag, as you know I have the wallet on chain but the price of the handbag is skyrocketing! In this page they have several lookalikes in different colours and designs such as the chevrons instead of the quilting. 
This one seemed the most classic and I really like the combination of black and gold, you can find it here: Metal Lock Quilted Crossbody Chain Bag
This next bag has been very much on trend this summer, it's similar to the Chloé Nile that many fashionistas are sporting in different colours and sizes. I think the ring is really original and something I hadn't seen before on a handbag although I'm not sure if it's comfortable!
There's no denying that this bag looks lot like the Fendi handbags with the strange monster eyes. I think it's something fun and original but you have to be brave to buy the designer bag as it's pricey and won't go with all looks. 
It's a good idea to choose this handbag which is inspired by the Fendi bags to see if we'd use it a lot or not. You can pick it up here: Graphic Print Shoulder Bag
As you can see they're all bags which look quite a lot like much more expensive designer bags, at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps I'll go ahead and get one to see what it's like!

Which do you recommend? Which one do you prefer?

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  1. I love all these bags, nice wishlist! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great picks dear! I think I would choose between 1 & 3 bag ...they look so nice :)
    Have a nice day! :*

  3. These are really pretty bags. My favorite would be the black half moon crossbody. Enjoy picking out a bag.

  4. Woow this was such a great and useful post! That white bag looks pretty amazing! <3 I need to have it!

  5. loved your choices. But my favourite one is the first. The shape is different and i really love the colour too.
    kisses, Bruna Silva
    Identical Opinion | Instagram | Twitter

  6. Ola, Que lindas bolsas amei dimais.
    A minha preferida e a primeira e a terceira bolsa são incríveis.
    Lindo Blog Sucesso!

  7. Very nice bags, I like pink and black especially :)

    My Tester Mania

  8. Great dupes, thanks for sharing!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  9. hi babe. i wanna follow you but i cant find the "follower button"


  10. Wow! Wonderful selection here. I love them all but my favourite is the first one. So pretty. xoxo Cris
    Latest post:

  11. I would definitely go for the Chloe Drew bag, it's absolutely gorgeous!! xx

    Golly Miss Holly

  12. I like your post. The photos is so beautiful... kisses

    Tnx for visit. I am follow you back <3

  13. Eu amei sua listinha, amo bolsas e é essas que você escolheu são lindas!
    Adorei a bolsa 1 e 3, são lindas. ♡
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

  14. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on that fabulous water bottle that looks like a book! I love all the bags you've chosen. I honestly think the best thing would be to buy a real designer bag from a resale shop. It will last a lot longer :)

  15. I love the black one! It reminds me of Chanel! I love those bags :D
    Love your blog sweetie! :D

  16. Great bags! I like the first one the most. :)

    Kathy's delight

  17. wonderful :)


  18. Omg this bag is soo stunning love IT :)


  19. I love a dupe for a Chanel bag. It's my dream bag and I always search for a cheaper alternative:)


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