Personalized Beauty Pack by Rego Lodos Pharmacy

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I really wanted to show you my new beauty regime which Rego Lodos pharmacy has planned for me because, quite frankly, I am really impressed and I think it's a great idea to have a personalized beauty regime, with the option to try before you buy. 
Let me tell you all about it...

At the XI Blogger Breakfast Coruña I went to, Rego Lodos Pharmacy showed us their new Personal Beauty Pack service. On their webpage you fill in a questionnaire with all sorts of questions about your skin type, problems you want to solve, type of products you usually use, etc so they can prepare a detailed routine. 
The cost is 14 euros and a few days later you receive a box with a wash bag full of samples and a detailed description of the steps to take. The treatment plan includes:
- cleansers
- intensive treatment
- daily treatment
- localized treatment
- sunscreen
- weekly treatment

All the creams, localized and intensive treatments are provided in 5 ml jars and you get 15 ml of the cleansers. Each product is perfectly labeled as you can see in the photos. 
In the dossier you get a simple but clear routine to follow, with steps for the morning and for the evening. They also offer treatments to use once a week such as masks or peelings. 

I loved that they provide a double cleanse for the evening, a toner, sunscreen and intensive treatments for our skin problems. I was lucky enough to also receive a CC cream I really wanted to try out. The best is that you get the chance to test all of them before buying full size. 
Later if I decide to buy them I get 10% off if I buy at least three of them full size.
I can also offer my followers a 5% discount for all purchases until October 1st 2017, using the following code: 


I have been enjoying my beauty regime a lot, in my case they've taken into account that I'm breastfeeding so the treatments don't include acids, retinols or other dangerous ingredients. 

Next week I'll show you the contents of my Personal Beauty Pack, don't miss it!

What's your current beauty regime?

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  1. I love sample bags and I think including sunscreen is great! I have never heard of that company but the idea behind the line is clever and interesting!

  2. You got some lovely stuff!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris |


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