Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O'Blushes Review and Swatches

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I really love it when beauty brands have holiday sets because I'm obsessed with Christmas and I think it's a great opportunity for them to showcase their best products. Benefit have done just that, and the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box o' Blushes is a real gem!


It seems as if Benefit designed this box of blushes just for me: I haven't got any and yet I have been meaning to pick some up for a long time. The cardboard boxes have always put me off so I hadn't bought any until now. 

And here is the most amazing set they could have released for me: not only do I get to try all their most well-known blushes but they have included their bronzer and one of their highlighters too, and....wait for the incredible price of £29.50 ($36)!

For only a little more than the price of a single blush you get a full-sized Rockateur and five other powders almost at full size, plus a small brush and a small highlighter. Unless you have quite a few of these blushes it really is worth picking up, and due to its packaging it might even be worth buying it for travelling!


I think I have mentioned before that I'm not usually a fan of Benefit packaging: it's quite cheesy and infantile and doesn't reflect the quality of the product. It seems to be aimed at a younger market but at high-end prices, which has never made much sense to me. 

In this case I have to admit that the packaging works because it's christmassy and practical. The blushes are housed in a tin case which is filled with a foam insert where the powders are housed. The tin case is encased in a carton cover of the same size. 

Not only the outer packaging is decorated though, they've really made an effort and even the inside of the tin has lovely colorful sweets, so cute! The whole theme is Christmas and it's supposed to be a sweet shop, it's pretty and I think any girl would love to have this under the tree!


I think they have really thought out the powders included because we have their famous matte bronzer, a universal highlighter and a lovely range of blushes in different shades and finishes. They have also included a small brush which is probably good enough for travelling. 

The palette includes:
  • Dandelion (4 g) which is a dainty light pink
  • Bella Bamba (5 g) a lovely watermelon pink
  • Sugarbomb (6 g) which is a mix of peach, pink, rose and plum
  • Hoola (5 g) which is their well-known bronzer
  • Coralista (5 g) is supposed to be a coral pink
  • Rockateur (5 g) a full size of their rose gold shade
  • Watt's up! (1.5 g) is a champagne cream highlighter
  • Small brush
  • Tips and tricks 


I unfortunately haven't got any of the original boxed powders but from what I've read and comparing my swatches to those online they're pretty much like their boxed counterparts except one: Coralista. I was slightly disappointed because I really wanted this blush after having tried it once at the stand. The one included in this set is noticeably more coral-peach than coral-pink. 

Nevertheless they all swatch well, they are pigmented and not too powdery and are easy to use. If you don't mind having a slightly different Coralista you'll enjoy this set very much and it doesn't take as much space as all the little cardboard boxes!

Final thoughts:

I really didn't expect to fall in love so much as I have with this. I have been completely won over by the sweet packaging and I think it's a great deal for the amount of powders you get. I really wish I had a whole load of little cousins or nieces to give this to because I think it's a lovely Christmas gift!

As for the contents of this set, I have been thoroughly enjoying all of the shades included. It seems to be more geared for lighter skin tones such as mine as some of the lighter shades might not show up on very dark skin tones. 
I will definitely be enjoying this set very much and at last I feel like I have completed the Benefit powder gap in my life! 

In this photo I'm wearing Hoola bronzer and Rockateur on the apples of my cheeks. As you can see they're both very visible on my pale skin and they don't enhance my large pores. Very beautiful indeed! 

Have you got any Benefit blush favourites? Will you be picking up this set?

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