Dior Rouge Baume in Diorette review

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I am the sort who doesn't usually get the whole tinted balm craze, my lips are quite pigmented so when I apply color to them I want to see a difference! Let me tell you now: the Dior Rouge Baumes are no ordinary balm...

Dior has given these new balms a very elegant deep blue and silver casing, similar to their grown up sister: Rouge Dior lipstick. The shape of the bullet isn't like a traditional lipstick, it's more like a balm, although it's surprisingly easy to use and draw your lips with.

Yes, it has the initials CD on the top of the lid AND the bullet, but unfortunately it'll disappear with first use (such a shame!). It's still a nice touch and reminds me of Tom Ford!

This new breed of hydrating lipsticks was released by Dior for this autumn, and I really think you should give them a go, specially if you suffer from dry lips. It contains Crystal Oil which is an ingredient that Dior has developed to provide protection and hydration while radiating colour. There are 19 different colours and although they're translucent they have released some shades which are surprisingly bright and long-lasting.

If you choose one of the brighter or darker shades not only will you get an amazingly comfortable and hydrating formula but it's also pigmented and leaves a stain when it wears off. The lighter shades and nudes will not be as pigmented but you will still have shine and hydration. 

Diorette #688

The one shade that most stood out to me of the whole collection is the one graced with the Dior-inspired name. I saw it on Expatmakeupaddict's lips and I just had to get it (she has the most gorgeous lips!). 

For some reason whenever I choose high end lipsticks I go for fuchsias and this one is a beautiful reddish fuchsia which is incredibly pigmented and luxurious. It is shiny and makes your lips look plump without feeling sticky and it doesn't feather at all. Even with its balm-like bullet shape it's easy to apply but if you're worried about that they've released a corresponding lip liner which is Dior Contour Lip Liner in Diorette.

But the most shocking thing is the staying power: it lasts an incredible amount of time even through drinking and eating and when it fades it leaves a stain. I'm very impressed indeed! 

I am completely in love with this Rouge Dior Baume and I am seriously considering adding a couple more to my collection. I never thought I'd fall in love with a balm but this is another breed of balm because it acts like a lipstick but is hydrating and shiny like a balm. I'm sold. 

Have you tried any of these? 

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